Power, agility, and adventurous are the three things that quite suitably describe the Ranger. Ford's Ranger is one of the popular and on-demand pick-up trucks in the Nepalese market. The Ranger a 4x4 double cabin pick up which can be a fun in the streets as well as for adventurous drive getaway. Ford as a company is popular for its wide range of the 4x4 SUV and pick-up trucks. With its popular models like Ranger, endeavor, Raptor, everest, and so on, the company has now introduced the new Ranger in the Nepalese market. The Ranger was firstly unveiled in 2010 which in the present day get updated and upgraded with new advanced technology. The ranger is moreover famous for its agility in off-road travelling is a popular choice in Nepal. Ranger not only serves the purpose of off-road experiencing made easier. 
The newly introduced Ranger is a 3.2 Liter XLT variant which not only gives the ultimate off-road experience but also comes with an Ironman 4x4 kit (on order). The Ironman 4x4 kit for the Ford Ranger gives the Ranger a whole new appearance and also enhances the vehicle for extreme all-terrain purposes. The kit consists of a change in the front and rear bumper along with a sporty grill, raised bonnet cover, snorkeler, suspension, Maxxis off-road tyres, additional tyre huggers, and also a parking sensor. The kit not only enhances the appearance but also the performance of the vehicle making it ready for all-terrain driving. The XLT is an I5 3.2L DSL engine with 5 cylinders which exerts a power of 470 Nm torque. All the variants available in Nepal comes with a 6-speed manual transmission with a fuel capacity of 80 liters. The 3.2 liters' engine is considered to be more powerful and economical in its class. The company has focused on the aspect of developing "intelligent design" in terms of the new appearance as well as the power delivery. It also has a turbo charger engine which boosts the engine performance and for a thrilling driving experience. The new Ranger has been influenced from the Wildtrak edition which is popular in Australia. The Ranger is 5326mm long and a ground clearance of 230mm which increases with the Ironman 4x4 kit. Also, it supports a payload capacity of upto 1435 kgs along with a towing capacity of 3500 kgs.
. In terms of safety measures, the Ranger has dual airbags in the front whereas the XLT variant also includes seat side airbag and curtain airbag. Similarly, the ABS also plays a vital role in city driving as well as off-road travelling. The Ranger includes all the necessary basic features with its XLT (full-option) model which has additional features in terms of accessibility, safety, and handling. The ample legroom in the rear cabin with comfortable driving experience. 
The Ranger is quite a beast looking pick-up truck with its wide nose and especially the Ironman kit which increases the height of vehicle. It is definitely a head turner in the streets of Nepal. Due to the huge body it might be a bit of a hassle for the narrow streets but the true power and performance of the Ranger is unveiled in the off-road terrains. The power delivery of the 3.2 liters turbocharged engine can be experience when it is taken in the highway. Incorporating the elements of an adventure machine, the Ranger can be a competition for other pick-up trucks that are available in the Nepalese market such as; Toyota's Hilux, Mitsubishi's L200, and others. Ford in Nepal is being imported by Go Automobiles Lvt. Ltd. with the showroom located in Thapathali. The Ranger is available in two variants of XL and XLT with the latter being the full option model. The color options available at the moment are cool white and aluminum metallic. The Ranger will cost Npr. 7400000 and with additional costs for the Ironman 4x4 kit.