Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), the company famous for developing military grade vehicles and off-road vehicles has recently introduced the Warrior. BAW, one of the major automobile companies of China was established in 1953 and by 1958 production had begun. The company has been the origin and essence of the development of the automobile industry of Beijing for the last half century. It is the second largest automobile producer of China and it has changed from BAW to BAW Co. Ltd. with the change in the modern enterprise system in the country since 2001. The company has received the title of "Family of off-road vehicles" and has been producing a wide range of off-road vehicles. The company focuses on the aspects of military usage, civilian vehicles, and the overseas market demand through which the all-terrain vehicles are developed. Over one million vehicles are produced, which has led the company to become one of the great contributors to the economic development of the country as well as a contributor to its national defense through their supply for military purposes. BAW with its technological advancement regarding the all-terrain vehicle production, has been able to develop 4 segments of vehicles; military light off-road vehicles, civilian light off-road vehicles (SUV), trucks, and amphibious vehicles. 

The company has also introduced the Warrior SUV, popularly known as the "Yongshi Warrior" in the Nepali market. With the growing popularity of SUVs and pick-up trucks in Nepal, the Warrior is a great addition to the current off-road vehicles in Nepal. The Warrior is a collaborative venture of Beijing Auto Works and Chrysler and the concept of the vehicle was released in 2002. The designs were very influential for the Chinese military and the prototype was first revealed in 2005 and production of the Warrior was then initiated. The first delivery of these vehicles for the Chinese military started in 2007, but in 2009 the company had to let-go of Chrysler due to a financial crisis in the company. Thus, Chrysler gave full ownership of the vehicle to BAW motors. Since then, the Warrior is being produced in large numbers and is widely used as 4x4 vehicles by the Chinese army, paramilitary, law enforcement units, United Nations, and also sold for Civilian purposes in many countries. The vehicle is a primary choice for many due to its durability, powerful build and exceptional power. The automobiles produced by the company are renowned for the advanced quality control system which is available in all its vehicles. 

The appearance of the Warrior was inspired by the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Humvee. The vehicle has a 4-cylinder 2.5ltr turbo diesel engine which exerts 110bhp @3800rpm with a 340Nm torque. It has a metal body with an armored finish which gives it a military truck like appearance but for civilian purposes. The body is a double-cab with a carrier on the rear. It also has a fully functional 4-wheel drive system with easy control mechanism and is highly effective. The company claims that the vehicle’s 4-wheel drive system has high performance abilities and it can be driven for a longer period of time on 4-wheel drive with no impact on the engine. The Warrior has a ground clearance of 225mm and is also elongated making it longer than the average vehicles in Kathmandu. 

The Warrior is an amazing driving experience with its huge body and smooth power delivery.  It is a totally easy drive and with an impressive ground clearance, it does not require the driver to skip potholes. The power delivery is one of the fun aspects of the vehicle as the feel and its sound give the experience of riding a proper SUV. It has a raw interior like other military vehicles, which is not very luxurious but gives the rough feeling of driving a Humvee. The suspensions can handle the roughness of the streets of Kathmandu as well as off-road riding. 

The Warrior is being imported to Nepal by Saakha & Co. Pvt. Ltd. with their partner company Classic Auto. The vehicle is perfect for the Nepali terrain and can be quite the bargain at a price of Rs. 4,699,999. It comes in a wide range of colors: yellow, matte black, army green, white, and blue. Despite its enormous size, the vehicle is easy to drive even on the busy streets of Kathmandu and an absolute fun on off-road travel. The Warrior could be a competitor for the carrier trucks and SUV's currently in the Nepali market.