What inspired you to begin blogging?
LE HAPPY who shared her authentic personal style on her blog inspired me.

How would you best describe your job as a fashion blogger to someone else?
Blogging is all about capturing and posting your favorite outfits through a social media platform, with no intention other than to inspire people one way or another. There’s actually a lot of hard work behind a single blog post. Finding a location is the toughest part after planning dates with your photographer. Luckily I am blessed with amazing friends who also happen to be the ones behind the lenses.

At the moment, are there certain trends/styles you love/hate? 
I love the color red. Lace up tops should be out.

How would you describe your personal style?
Minimal and effortless.

Do you have a go-to outfit formula? 
A fail-safe outfit for me is an all black ensemble. 

The current camera that you use for your blogs.
Canon EOS 6D.

Your playlist while getting ready.
ARIZONA by Electric Touch.

Fashion Bloggers that you look up to.
Ann Kim, Sara Crampton and Natasha Limbu.

What pieces would you suggest one to invest in this New Year? 
It’s best to invest in a warm coat in a neutral color and a good pair of shoes. For me the ideal New Year’s Eve outfit would be a jumpsuit with a sleek coat over the shoulders and a comfy pair of heels.  

According to you, what is the best go-to online resource for style inspiration?
Whowhatwear.com and refinery29.com.

What style advice would you give to a woman who is… 
Petite: Wear well-fitting clothes, avoid baggy/oversized.
Tall: Anything looks good on them.
Curvy: Jersey materials should be avoided and go for structured yet feminine outfits.
Athletic: Racer-backs, off shoulders and mini dresses look great on toned athletic body type. 
P.S. But if you are confident in what you wear, anything will look good on you.

New Year’s Eve is chilly; do you suggest any trick where one can look stylish yet stay warm?
If you want to wear a dress, always wear tights to avoid cold feet. There are so many nice knit dresses out there in the market which are comfy and warm. And even though it’s New Year’s Eve, don’t wear something you’ll regret later. 



Style Check


ea coat or fluffy jacket?
I love both but I’d love to see people try more pea coats.

Cardigans or bulky sweaters?
Bulky sweaters.

Big bags or clutches? 
Big bags. 

Stripes or plaids?

Bell Sleeves or ruffles? 

Chockers or statement earrings?
Statement Earrings.

Lace up tops or high neck tops?
Try high neck tops and give up the lace up trend.