Décor tips for Tihar

 Tihar is known for bright lights that light up the sky when houses are lit up in all kinds of colorful lighting fixtures. People use different decoration items to make the arrangements even more captivating. Yes, it’s popularly known as the Festival of Lights.

Tihar is around the corner and it is one of the most awaited festivals. Everybody is waiting to lighten up not only their homes but their lives as well. Celebrated for five days in Nepal, Tihar calls for lights, colors and flowers. Fireworks, lighting of diyos, and sharing of sweets, are essential elements that are traditionally a part of the festivities. It is only during this festival that the whole country is lighted up in all its glory. For most families, Tihar is that time of year when people’s artistry and creativity are displayed as they decorate their homes in individual styles.

Decorating with diyos

Diyos are highlighted during Tihar. These small oil lamps of clay that have a cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil are a must, not just in decorating but in celebrating the festival. It is probably the most important element among all Tihar decorations. These oil lamps are lit in the memory of the deceased as well as to worship deities. Diyos are commonly used as the centerpiece of decorations in this festival, and they come in a variety of colors and designs these days. You can also decorate with candles, ribbons, flowers, or decorative holders to create a majestic look. 

Along with the candles and diyos, leaves and flowers can also be used as decoration in the house. Take a beautiful large transparent glass bowl, fill half of it with water and decorate it with your favorite flowers and colorful candles. Place these bowls on the top of your dining table or use them as a centerpiece in the living room, it will make a magnificent sight on festival nights.

Decorative lamps

For an exquisite layer of lightning in your home on this special festival, use decorative lamps and lanterns. If you have a garden, use fairy lights to create a mesmerizing atmosphere. Paper lanterns in different colors and patterns will light up your home in an amazing way. Experts will tell you to place lamps in every room to match the room’s theme or hang them in the garden.


Flower Decoration

Flowers not only bring freshness to your home, but add bright hues and a festive feel. Decorate railings and doors with garlands or make a Rangoli with flowers. Use flowers in a different way; take cylindrical glasses filled with water and add a vibrant flower like an orchid and place a floating candle to create a magical look. You can also place flowers around diyos for special effects.



Drawing colorful patterns at the threshold of doorways is integral to Tihar decoration. Vibrant colors, flowers and even cereals are used to draw bright patterns interwoven with colors. Use a wet chalk to draw the design beforehand or use poster colors if you have kids at home. For those who are not that creative can visit the market before hand, for beautiful stickers or stencils for amazing designs to bring life to your home within minutes.



Give Goddess Laxmi and your guests a warm welcome by decorating the main door with beautiful marigold garlands adding your own little touch. Make tiny footprints with your hand leading the Goddess into your home. You can add small bells, ribbons, mirrors, decorative hangings and embroidered elements to give your home a personal touch. Hang a decorative bell on the door that will add a melodious tone to make the atmosphere more festive.

Electronic bulbs

With modernity came the electric bulb that has today become the soul of tihar. Why not go all out this festival and use electronic globe bulbs on the edges of your house, rope lights on the railings, drop lights falling down and colorful LED lights in different neon colors. Go ahead and have fun with the décor.