It is never about where you stay but how you stay, right? So gear up your place and make it look more like you.

Our room is our comfort zone and all of us want it to be of our own kind. Walking into a self-decorated room would give you the ultimate serene feeling. If you’re really into it but have a tight budget, Living has got your back. That’s why we have listed you eight things you can use to embellish your space.

Wall Frame

If you think wall frames are boring, you might want to think again. Gone are the days where you had to look at pictures in frames because we can now get pictured any stuff we want for our wall frames. It may be your favorite quote or just your name or even a line you can never forget from that movie you’ve watched thirty seven times. Here in Kathmandu is Pinchesartcore, a store that provides you your customized wall frame in an affordable price and you don’t have to worry about your location because they deliver all around the town.

Dream Catcher

May be because I believe a dream catcher gives good dreams to its owner, I own five. But it is not only that, if you know exactly where to hang them, which is like any part of your room, your space will look a lot more pretty. It’s a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh decorated with feathers and beads. You hang them by the window or at the head of your bed. The bad dreams get caught in the web, the good dreams work their way through the hole in the center, rest on feather like a dew drop and evaporate to the Great Spirit in the morning sun. Take a walk around Thamel and you can easily get a dream catcher of your choice.

Customized Cushion

We’re not talking about those cushion sets of our sofas. One of the trendiest things has today become the customized cushions from Pinchesatrcore. From celebrities and their fans to newly wedded and new born babies, all of them have their cushions. You can give your own design, something that would go with your room’s theme and see how cozy your room looks. It could be of both use to rest on it and to make your space look more stylish.

Clothesline Picture Holder

Here’s a DIY idea to give your room a classy look. It’s pretty much easy to develop your pictures from an event you always want to remember or pictures with your loved ones. Along with that, buy a cloth line and some clothes pins. Hang about three to four lines of the string and stick your pictures to it just like you do your clothes. It’s a very economical way to decorate your room. Not only it looks good on the wall but also lets you refresh your memories of all the good times you had.

Wall sticker

Another thing that could brighten your room up is wall stickers. Pale walls are boring these days, so put stickers on your wall and create a theme by yourself. Personally, I think wall stickers make your room look magical. If you’re wondering where you could get them, go around gift shops, but if you’re little too lazy for that then there are online portals like Daraz and nepbay where you can shop wall stickers. There are large varieties of it from 3D to luminous and fluorescent.

Light String

Lights definitely make your room much better and when it comes to decorating your room, you can find fancy light strings around the town. Choose your light strings wisely by making sure they are designer so that it looks good even without turning it on or in broad daylight. It is a good idea to hang them in your room because it doesn’t only look good but also feels heavenly when you turn them on at night. Masala Beads is a store at Thamel that sells handmade accessories and you can easily grab a 3 meter light string available there at a worthy price.

Vintage Jar Supplies Holder

The second DIY item in our list is a vintage jar supplies holder. For this you can get an old frame from the store room and hammer nails into the top in equal intervals. Then hang useless glass jars on the nails putting stuffs like paintbrushes, pens, scissors, etc in them. This will give a major vintage look to your room and on the other side you can make good use of this item. You can paint the frames any color you want to give a twist to your creation. It may sound a difficult task but give it a try because its way easier than you think it is.


Beds are probably the first thing that comes to our sight when we enter a room. So it would be a great idea to play with your bed sheets. Don’t get stuck with boring bed sheets, try doing something fun, like going to shop a new wardrobe for your bed? Choose a type that will go with the theme you’re thinking for your room. Another tip from me would be to go to Pinterest and look out for ideas if you don’t have your own. Trust me when I say that a beautiful bed-sheet gives even more beautiful look to our rooms. Also it’s an economical trick to decorate your room since you’re getting both your need and want fulfilled at the same time.