In this busy world today, people have no time to look after themselves, let alone plants. So, fake, faded flowers remain static in their living room, collecting dust in the center of its once saturated petals because it's easier that way.

Anyone who says that fake plants are easier to maintain than real plants is clearly exaggerating. Not only are fake plants hideous once they start aging, but are also bad for health and for the environment. These chemically made non-biodegradable, unnatural plants take up space in the landfill. And cleaning those atrocities can be a daunting task.

Let's start keeping real plants again. And this time, let's change our perspective. What if we thought of these plants as an extension of ourselves, and every time we water them, we could take a step back and check up on ourselves; make sure we are taking care of ourselves just like we take care of the plants. Every time we sat down and admired our plants, we could remind ourselves of the progress we are making in our lives each day, just like the plants.

Very often, self care gets compromised. This shift in our perception of plants not only allows us to cultivate the habit of self love but also contributes in helping the planet. Here are some plants that can help you start your own garden.