Good crockery is an Investment

For anyone who cares for such things, crockery is an important part of their lifestyle. The point is, when you invite guests home for a meal or a feast, you want to serve them in good quality crockery. That also means a whole set of crockery which includes side plates for snacks and bowls for soup or dessert. A good set of China makes the event special as looks do count in whatever we do.

The dishware that we use brings style to our table – it affects our mood as well. And these prized crockery sets are saved for special occasions – to bring more liveliness in our tables during those times. Every time those special plates come out onto the dining table, we know there’s something special going on. And so, for many of us, these crockeries have memories attached to them.I, too, have similar memories of special dinners and get-togethers when those special china come out of the cabinet.

What’s more, these types of crockery are usually made out of oven-proof materials while steel plates and utensils get too hot for using in a microwave oven, while ceramic or porcelain remain easy to handle. Our normal utensils which we use in our homes also aren’t fully dishwasher compatible. Steel may wash in them, but iron, aluminum, wooden or sterling silver ones don’t wash well in them. And you wouldn’t think of serving in one of those plastic-ware or styrofoam utensils would you? Hence, for our modern lifestyle, such crockery are a necessity.

Research has been conducted on the psychological effect of such crockery on our dining habits, and the findings are surprising. Research at Oxford University concluded that food tasted better when eaten with heavy cutlery or crockery. A lot depends on the color of the dishware too. Maybe that’s why luxury hotels serve their fancy dishes with such lavish cutlery. Something to think about!

You may or may not use such crockery, but if you do invest in one, it’s something that’ll be around for quite a while. They’ll be around for your future generation too, which can even be a family heirloom. So, it’s a good investment. Get yourself one that suits your needs, your fancy and your lifestyle.

Choosing your crockery:

  • Get your needs right. For different purposes, there are different types of crockery available.
  • For daily usage, the ones by Royal Windsor are good enough. They are Japanese brands and very durable with modern designs.
  • If you want a set for very special occasion, Sri-Lankan brands like the Dankutora are better. They’re made of pure bone china, though Sri-Lankan brands are quite expensive because of their high quality.  

Tips to take care of your special crockery:

  • Most importantly, handle the crockery with care. Be extra careful while handling those more expensive ones.
  • These dishware can get stained quite easily, so, never leave them for long after you serve or eat anything in them. At least, rinse them with water immediately after a meal.
  • Don’t scrub too hard with those steel scrubbers as they may be strong, but you don’t want scratches or lose the luster; one can’t be too careful.
  • Stack them gently and properly while storing.

“Using special dishware every day is a personal choice, but for me, they’re an investment, and once you invest in good crockery, I think we should share such beautiful things with the people we love at every meal”


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