“Green Bamboo Creation manufactures bamboo furniture of different designs.and purposes as per our customer needs.” That is the introduction on its Facebook page.Green Bamboo Creation was established by Mr. Pranab Pradhan 5 years ago. Working with Austrian designer Johannes Wurzler, Interior designer SaileshaShakya, and other freelances,Green Bamboo Creation provides products ranged from Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo Wall, Cladding, Partition,Gazebo toRound house.

At first, Green Bamboo Creation started with the classical design style to ensure the product more stable and strong. But as the time going on, based on the research of the market demand of product, designers made the fusion of both modern and traditional design to cater the market demand. It can be said that the aspiration of the design is part from the market demand, which is more focused on contemporary design style. Regarding the design, Green Bamboo Creation puts spot light on the stability of the product and its durability more.

So far, Green Bamboo Creation has been more focused on addressing the hospitality market such as Café, Restaurants, Bar, Resorts and Hotels. The most satisfying product line of Green Bamboo Creation is the bamboo sofa set which includes 2 single seaters and one double seater with a lobby table that was created during the early days of establishment and has been continuously improving in the design, “Its dimensional stability, comfort and aesthetically pleasing has made it become the highest selling product and it is still on high demand.” said Mr. Pranab Pradhan. Besides, the tri-legged table and stool chairs are some of Mr. Pranab Pradhan’s favorite products.

The ideal space that Green Bamboo Creation would also like to work on would be a bedroom of a resort.Bamboo bed is one product that Green Bamboo Creation would like to style, but due to the problems of regarding the strength of the product and its durability, they have been doing it for the past 2 years but havenot been able to finalize its design yet. And now they are trying with the new species of bamboo having better dimensional stability and durability.Talking about the person they would like to style for, Mr. Pranab Pradhan mentioned SurajSingh Thakuri, because he is an environmentalist and has love and respect for the nature, and represents the young generation.


Mr.PranabPradhansuggests people using natural plants and materials, like bamboo, possible in the room that they would like to transform. “This makes the room look lively and helps in improving the air quality of the room.”said Mr.PranabPradhan.