Living spaces in Nepali cities are increasingly becoming a commodity. Minimalism and customization are the norm and not exceptions in a growing market. This trend, whether for your home or office interiors, has created a need for functional furniture for smaller spaces and modular furniture is the answer we have right now.

IKEA, a furniture brand in the US, changed the furniture market when they started selling affordable DIY furniture. This was more pocket friendly because it was easier to mass produce; it saved labor on assembling and dismantled pieces of furniture and also dramatically reduced the cost of shipping each unit.

Modular furniture can be characterized by their make as they are usually pieces of modules- like legos, they can be recreated according to need and space available. In addition, they are also more often than not, practical when it comes to storage space, light, and minimalistic in design. Especially if your home is a rented house, modular furniture will prove to be the smarter investment if you have to move.

Index Furniture, a franchise of the Thailand based Furniture Retailers “Index Living Mall” currently offers one of the wider collections of modern and modular furniture in the city. Their products are made of E1 standard wood (European Standard Class – 1), are ISO 14001: 2008 certified, and offer a one year warranty. Their catalogue overall speaks of looks, design and quality finishing. Their section on sofa bed is a decent collection of sofas that you can flip over to convert into a bed for guests or just for making the best use of limited space. For living spaces, they also help you custom create your own furniture set with separate box units, cupboards, drawers, and smaller cabinets- all with a common design theme. Most modern cupboards already give you the freedom to create storage box sections inside with adjustable shelf heights.

Their more popular and wider range of offering is the office modular furniture. Complementing their other office tables and storage spaces, their modular cabinets for extra storage space can be adjusted and remodeled as per the desk owner’s need. The office tables can be separate units in themselves or customized together to form a large meeting table for a larger room. Most modern furniture today come technology ready with power sockets attached or with space for a clean flow of wires.

Their older offerings on DIY furniture gave customers complete freedom to make their own furniture project. With the units and slabs available, you could make a working desk yourself and add in shelves, a walk-in closet according to space available and convenience. However, despite their assembly services, these models were not so popular.

While storage cabinets and cupboards have been in the forefront of modular furniture, it’s also moving fast in the direction of multi-use furniture, like a crib that can be made into a kid’s bed.


  1. Modular piece of furnishings help you create your own perfect sandwich according to your need and preference. So they become a part of your habit and personality.
  2. You might move house or your house might keep changing as your need changes over time. Modular furniture will make this a lot easier.
  3. If you move your cupboard from a long room to a square one, your long cupboard can now be changed into a V shaped cupboard very easily.
  4. They make the best use of space which is even more important in cities that are denser where finding decent space is both difficult and expensive.
  5. The resale value is more than its traditional value because the new owners can make what they want out of it without spending too much on shipping.
  6. They come in a large variety of budget, color, shape, and material.
  7. In working spaces, modular furniture can help you make private or open desks and this can change over time as per the employee.
  8. If you buy your modular furniture from a trusted brand, when you have to replace a specific part of your cabinet, you can do just that without too much burden on your wallet.      

But you should consider a few things before you make the purchase:

  1. Consider where your water pipes, electric lines pass through, where your windows, doors, outlet points and switches are- before starting to estimate the desired position and size of your furniture.
  2. If your furniture has room for an appliance like a TV, then take measurements of the appliance before buying or putting together your furniture.
  3. Design wise, many materials will give you a metal finish or a wood finish to choose from. Buying the furniture after the design theme has been decided and installed, may be the smarter idea.
  4. Hinges: invest in better quality hinges that can literally support your entire furniture.