Nanglo Café & Pub goes back a long way to a time when Durbar Marg was filled with travel agencies like Yeti Travels, Tiger Tops, Gaida Wildlife, etc and airlines offices that included Lufthansa, Philippine Airlines, Thai Airways and more. Established in 1976, Nanglo soon became the go to place for tour officers and staff of all these agencies. Good food at reasonable prices made it the ideal eatery for lunch and in the evening people hung out at the pub below. There weren’t many eateries here back then, nor were there many shops. But in 201_ it was time for this iconic eatery to relocate. While looking for new space for Nanglo Café & Pub, Managing Director Taijash, son of Gopal Kakshapati, checked out many properties throughout the city, some really good and some not so good! He believes: “A restaurant should have some character to it. It grows with time and the restaurateur is responsible for adding character to the space they own.”

Nanglo is a household name in the restaurant business and Kakshapati after an exhausting search found this old building in Kamaladi that he felt was suitable. “This building previously housed “Bhancha Ghar”, a Nepali cuisine restaurant owned by Kishore Pandey that catered to tourists and we felt that this building would be the transitional phase for our organization which is why we chose this space,” says Taijash. A building with a rich history, it was owned by a Bhandari family. They were not Nepali royalty but had connections with the Royal family. During those early days, these types of houses were only built for royalty or the elite and this particular building was the first built for a commoner that resembled a royal residence. “The building is more than 90 years old and has survived two major earthquakes; one in 1934 and the other in 2015,” informs Taijash.

The minute you walk into the building, you can feel a traditional vibe. But the ground floor has been modernized with a touch of class focusing on comfort while the upper floor retains the Rana era ambience of bare wooden furniture, brick walls and wooden beams supporting the ceiling. The expansive windows on the ground floor let in enough natural light to brighten up the sitting area. The terrace upstairs has ample space for customers to enjoy a bright sunny day sitting out with friends and family. To emphasize the neo-classical design of the building, the added features at the entrance and the terrace is done subtly to match the overall aesthetic of the original elegant structure.
Almost all of the building is in pristine condition with some maintenance done over the years.

The walls are massive and the bricks are solid. No wonder it has survived two major natural disasters! “We have tried to keep the original structure as it was as far as possible. From the electrical wiring, the stairs, to the overall integrity of the building, we have kept them as we found them. Primarily a residential house, the rooms have been converted into dining areas and we added a terrace. And I am sure Bhancha Ghar also made some alterations to it. Other than that, you are looking at a building which is more than 90 years old,” says Taijash. Truly a magnificent building, Nanglo Café and Pub in a way is preserving Nepali architecture by maintaining a 90-year-old building and letting people enjoy its remarkable ambience.