The Great Dashain Festival: What you can do with your time

Dashain is one of the greatest festivals of Nepal, yet there are limited options for hanging around in the city. Here are some suggestions to make it happening all over again.

Get-togethers, blessings, enjoyment, feasts and a long holiday is what Dashain is all about. Although there are so many reasons to celebrate this festival, changes can be made to find new ways to celebrate it among the new generation. When a large number of people leave the city, it gets unusually quiet, leaving limited options to hangout during the long holidays. So, apart from staying home, playing cards and enjoying the feasts, many fun seekers look for a family getaway during Dashain. And those staying put, look for options to make the holidays extra special and happening. Check out some options for this Dashain:

Movie Time

Lacking other options this festival season, going for a movie with your loved ones would do just fine. Take your children for some fun animated movie or laugh your heart out with friends as a lot of good movies will hit the theater around this time.


With family and friends

After the outstanding record of “Chhakka Panja” last year, the most awaited Nepali movie this year “Chhakka Panja 2” will be released on 27th September.  Chhakka Panja 2 will feature the same cast but this movie is not a sequel as it has a different storyline. To be released on the day of “Fulpati”, this movie is a must watch.

Bring your children along

Releasing on 22nd September of this year, are two great movies – “The Lego Ninjago” and the “Stronger”. The animated movie The Lego Ninjago is all about ninja warriors while Stronger is an inspiring movie about an athlete’s heroic journey to physical and emotional rehabilitation after losing two legs in a bomb explosion.


For those who love action movies

Just the name of these two legends – Tom Cruise and Jacky Chan, is more than enough for those who love action movies. Hitting the screens nationwide on 29th September, Jacky’s movie “The Foreigner” and Tom Cruise’s “American Made” will get into the act. What good news would any action fanatic need than that?

Stay back and enjoy

For those who love staying at home with their loved ones and have a fun time in their living room, it’s always a good time to dig into some old movie collection and refresh your memories. Though the choice varies from one person to the next, here are a few suggestions: Gone with the Wind, The Godfather, Notebook, the list goes on.

Sit back and enjoy the show