Fit Box Nepal promotes healthy food by delivering their home cooked healthy meals to their customer’s doorstep.

In recent times health concerns have raised an ugly head. From time to time, our dailies have reported of unhealthy practices by food producers and suppliers alike that leads to health risks for the entire nation. It’s an alarming situation if you don’t know which food is safe to eat and which is not. Thus an increasingly health conscious public is now looking to eat healthy in order to stay healthy. Lack of healthy options and expensive products in the market has left many consumers frustrated. Several researchers have concluded that leading a healthy lifestyle is the first step to attaining and maintaining a happy life. A good diet directly correlates to fewer diseases such as heart and kidney diseases as well as many other ailments. It also helps to attain weight loss and promote your overall well being. And that is where Fit Box Nepal comes in!

Fit Box Nepal is a meal delivery system introduced in 2018, to promote healthy food by delivering their home cooked healthy meals to their customers. They offer various options you can choose from and depending on your interests and diet plan they will provide you with a delicious meal. The man behind Fit Box, Denim Krishna Shrestha was born in a family that insisted on health and diet and exercise. Since a young age, the importance of eating and staying healthy had been drilled into his young mind. Denim Krishna reveals to Living the idea behind Fit Box Nepal and how he was successful in launching such a business model.

How did you start Fit Box Nepal?

I have always been a fitness enthusiast. I used to look after my father’s business. I have been going to the gym for around six years and what I found common among Nepali people is that most of them have problems with their diet. Not only in Nepal but all over the world, people would say that maintaining a good, healthy diet is very difficult. Hence I saw the opportunity and it has been a year since I started Fit Box Nepal.

What led to you to launch such a business in Nepal?

I didn’t want to go abroad. I did try a couple of times but my heart was set here in Nepal. I wanted to do something in Nepal rather than go out. I had made up my mind to start a business here but I was also looking after my father’s business a little. Coming from a business background, I had some idea on why and how to do business. I just needed to know what to get into. Like I said before, there was a huge diet problem in Nepal and once I figured it out, I jumped head on and started this company.

Tell us more about Fit Box.

We basically are a healthy meal delivery service. We started the company by providing breakfast and lunch packages for our customers. We had a little problem with breakfast due to time constraints so as of now we are only doing lunch service. We have various packages for people. For example, for the office goers we have a basic lunch meal plan. For weight loss and weight gain we have a low calorie and high calorie meal plan, a deluxe meal plan, veg meal plan and our most recent one, a Keto meal plan. It is not specifically for gym enthusiasts but for people from all walks of life. And we also have a full customization option where you can customize your meal according to your dietary needs. What our company strives for is a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether you go to the gym or not. All our meal plans start from 15 meal packages but if someone wants to try it out first and then commit, we do provide sample plans.

How is the packaging done and how expensive are these meal plans?

When we price our meals we price them for the 15 meal plans but if you want to break it down to per meal plan, the basic meal plans comes for around Rs.200, the low calorie for around Rs.300, high calorie and keto meal is for about Rs.350, and the most expensive one, the Deluxe meal plan comes to around Rs.600. As for the packaging, all our meals come in microwavable boxes.

Why is the importance of eating and being healthy spreading all over the world?

All over the world, diseases are rampant and people are getting sick faster. People around the world are slowly starting to realize the importance of diet and exercise. They are seeing what other people are going through because of an unhealthy lifestyle. People as young as 22-year- olds are dying of high blood pressure or high uric acid. So to avoid that and for a prolonged life, people everywhere are shifting towards eating and living healthy.

Any future plans for Fit Box Nepal?

Currently we are only doing lunch, so in future we are planning to provide a full-day meal plan. In the coming months we are also introducing a power snack meal plan where we will provide energy bars and such to our customers.

So how does delivery work?

Customers are charged a membership free and we deliver their food all over Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The timing for delivery is 10 to 2pm or 3 pm depending upon the schedule. And for our regular customers who have been ordering food from us since the past 8-9 months, we waive the delivery fee. We are also flexible while delivering. Sometimes customers do not want their food delivered to the office and they contact us and we work with them on the delivery as well.

Tell us about your background?

I did my schooling from Shuvatara and did my A-Levels from Ace. I took a little gap after my A-levels and was helping my father in his business but currently I am doing my BBA at Islington College.

Do you have a message for the young people on how to stay healthy?

Buy from Fit Box Nepal (Laughs). I am not a nutritionist but I would advise them to eat good food because when you are young, your body can digest all the things you eat but at the same time you should indulge in some sports to keep yourself healthy and fit.