Eating in the Great Outdoors


The season for outdoor picnics is arriving soon, and we’re prepping for it! What’s not to love in the rays of the sun on chilly days? Oh to roll out a bedspread on the lush green with a basketful of home-cooked food, chilled drinks from your coolers and spend the afternoon with your family running around, just making memories!


What’s great about picnics is of course Picnic food, even if it’s a spur-of-the-moment sandwich or a well-planned out feast. There’s nothing like sitting out in nature and enjoying delicious food with the people you love. Essentially, an ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a good location, inviting great company, getting something to sit on, some games that you enjoy playing and packing some delicious food and drinks.


To make your picnic a memorable one you should plan on the most important thing- the menu. We have four different menu suggestions for you listed below:


The First Date Love Story

You can start with putting some wine in your cooler.  Do not forget to put your dessert- chocolate covered strawberries in the cooler as well. A fig and rocket in prosciutto salad should be good. It doesn’t need dressing, thus won’t get soggy on the way. Fresh summer rolls in Vietnamese style would be easy and light to eat. A win-win! And do not forget, lots of chocolates- a perfect date!


The Family Day-Out

The key to a happy family picnic is lots of lemonade. And to make it fun, add a pack of flavored tang in your lemonade and see how you become the star of your family. Also, for high rollers, take a bottle of vodka with you to add in that lemonade.

Fried chicken is a classic and loved by all at room temperature. Corn salad with a light dressing of white vinegar and lots of chopped scallions is good with both kids and older people. Mini vegetable burgers with patties made from pulses, healthy and clean with a good serving of mayonnaise and cheese.

For dessert: cream filled chocolate cupcakes, rocky road brownies or a lemon cake is a good idea. Apart from your picnic basket, do not forget to include lots of tissues, some games that the children can play, and a change of clothes for them as well- they always tend to fall down or dirty themselves!


For the Barbeque Lovers

Lots of dips are a necessity in your barbeque picnic basket. Stock up on dips that go with your main dish as well as sides like crackers and chips. Dips like white bean, harrisa, beetroot hummus and sweet onion and cheese should be there. Sides to go with your mains like pita chips, tangy coleslaw, and beer battered fries, creamy dill potato salad and fried okra are some great ideas. Don’t forget to marinate your protein and vegetables before packing them in your basket. Carry organic cut vegetables already put on skewers to make your work easy at the picnic. Beer and soft drinks in the cooler is a must for any Barbeque lover.

Don’t treat a picnic as any other event. Carry your polarized camera and take a little extra step to make it a memorable event. In today’s world, it’s not every day that your friends or family are all free at the same time to make it for an afternoon of togetherness.