Whether you are an avid fairy light lover, an Instagram freak, a hardcore sushi enthusiast or simply an average Nepali guy looking for a new place to eat, Food Truck Park will surprise you beyond your expectations. Started by a group of young and energetic people who’ve traveled the world for new ideas and inspirations, Food Truck Park brings a western concept into our Nepali society with the hope of creating a unique outdoor space with a relaxed ambience where people can enjoy good food, good music and good company.

The Food Truck Park as the name suggests, features a park with three remodeled trucks which house three different kitchens where customers go to order their food. It’s a novel idea for us, which is why people seem to love it so much. It has a retro look that intrigues and excites customers as they move from window to window choosing from a wide variety of food items.


The Food Truck Park is conveniently located in Nag Pokhari next to the popular Imago Dei. As soon as you reach Imago Dei, head for the opening on the right and follow the trail of fairy lights and inviting music.


From exquisite prawn sushi to crispy fried tempuras, Food Truck Park offers a vast selection of Japanese food that taste as good as they look. But they also offer tacos which often seem to pull customers in. What now seems to be a Nepali necessity, momo is also available, and it doesn’t fail to impress. A small bar offers everything from watermelon juice, virgin mojito to a glass of chilled beer. If you aren't really in the mood for a culinary exploration, you can also grab fish and chips from the food truck named “The Diner”. They really have it all. 


Food prices seem reasonable as there is something for everyone starting from Rs.200 to Rs.800. The Japanese items are more expensive as they feature seafood which is known to be pricey. Besides the food, the Food Truck Park is a fun place to hang out and enjoy good food in a lively atmosphere.


The Food Truck Park doesn’t just feature immobile trucks serving food, the park also provides live music on Friday evenings and Jazz performances on Saturday called “Lazy Saturdays”. That’s when the place comes alive and there’s excitement among customers. A coupon system makes transactions easier and you can change your coupons back into cash before leaving.