CEO of Mega Bank, Anil Shah talks about the books that have inspired him. He believes in not just gaining knowledge, but also implementing what he learns from them.

Steve Jobs

By Walter Isaacson

When I grew up, and when we were taught the alphabet, we would associate A with an apple as in the fruit. But because of this great man we now think of Apple as the great company. I think in the history of mankind, no one person has been able to touch millions of lives like he has. We must learn and try to understand what it is that he did to achieve success. He came from a humble background. The child of a refugee, a college dropout; yet he achieved success. This book gives us an insight into the good and bad parts. It shows his various dimensions as a human being. From his vulnerable state to the magical moments, we get to know it all. This tells me that everyone is human. Steve Jobs was not god; he has his shortcomings as well. Not everybody had positive things to say about him. But still he kept persevering. This book told me about his will and determination. Today Apple is a conglomerate because of him. The more you think about the products he developed, who would have imagined that today a phone would become a necessity and not a luxury. It was not about the advanced development of the product, but the way he delivered and touched millions of lives is admirable. By reading this book not just for me, but for others as well, it is a learning experience. All you need is the willpower and determination to make things work and it will happen. 
While different people read books for different reasons, I read to learn!

Celebrating Silence

By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I think that all of us live a life full of stress. Stress in there in all aspects of our lives; personal, family and work. It is a part of the new millennium. If there is no stress, then it feels like something is wrong or missing. We are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. In this book by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I found a source of peace. I need to do whatever I am doing, but without killing my happiness. The main objective is to attain peace from the work that is being done, which further leads to happiness. We are not attuned to the present rather the future. Sri Sri has taught me to enjoy life by the moment. Even if we are jumping from one task to another, we must enjoy doing it. What I learnt from this book is that life is not about summitting, but rather about the journey. It is about enjoying every moment of the journey. This included moments with my family, work, friends, and colleagues.  Once you start enjoying this philosophy you will start to enjoy the stress as well! I choose to do things that I enjoy. And with that I automatically choose to embrace the stress that comes with it.  If you are forced to do something that you don’t love, no matter what the compensation is, you will never excel in it. Another thing that I learnt from this book is that it is from silence within that you find peace. And it is on that peace that you find happiness.

Now, Discover Your Strengths

Series by Marcus Buckingham

Throughout our school and personal lives, we are taught to focus on weakness. For example, if you are bad in Math, you would take tuitions and study extra hard for it. We are never told to focus on our strengths. Strength Finder was a book that follows a different philosophy; how to find out what my strengths are and to become from good to great and great to exceptional. This book helped me look inside and discover what those strengths are. It helped me figure out what I excel at. There is a whole series and they have an online exercise as well. This changed my thinking and how I need to better myself. For example, a cat would excel climbing a tree and not swimming which a fish would excel at. I use this philosophy when I talk to the youth as well. To build the perfect team, we need to find out what their strengths are and focus on that.

The Daily Drucker

By Peter F. Drucker

I first read this book when I was working in Standard Chartered Bank and then when I went to Nabil Bank. This book has pearls of wisdom. Drucker has given three hundred and sixty-five small pieces of wisdom; one for each day. Why I love this book is because I would read and write down the quote for each day. Then I would try to implement it in everyday work for the bank. I did this when I was in NABIL and now at Mega Bank I do the same. I also share this with my entire team. I believe that it is good to read books; but it is much more important to share the knowledge with everyone. Not only has this book been good for me, but for my team as well.