Insta ready!

We all know the power of the Instagram stars; their posts can make people stop and drop.  Sachitra Gurung talks to some of Instagram’s ‘It’ names, and get’s to know the secret formula behind their infectious influence.


Name: Srijana Regmi

Instagram username: Srijana_regmi_
Device:Iphone 6+
Like many models, Srijana uses Instagram to give her fans a peek into her personal life.
“I really love the new feature-- Instagram stories, as I can post pictures of my everyday activities or just my selfies without being all over everyone’s feed.”

Tips to be Insta-ready

  1. Keep it natural whether it is lighting or edits. Do not overdo it. 
  2.  Try to come up with good and quirky captions that relate to your photo.
  3. Angles are really important while taking selfies. I try to take photos by placing my camera a little higher than my nose level.
  4. For full body shot, the camera should be placed a little lower to make your body look a bit taller.
  5. Choosing a background is the most important part while taking a shot. Wherever I go, I try to find a good background according to my outfit to take photos.

Srijana’s Picks

Color palette: Green
Photo editor: Snapseed. I really love the ambiance option on it, which controls the balance of light in a photo.
Instagram feature: Lux. With a single tap, photos that are underexposed or lack contrast are instantly transformed.
Favourite instagrammers: Shristi Shrestha, VarshaThapa, Sabita Karki



Name: Sugam Singh
Instagram username: Suventeen

Device:Iphone 6s and Canon DSLR SL1

Sugam’s username @suventeen is an amalgam of his name Sugam and 17, the age he started using instagram. His feed has garnered a lot of attention because of the colorful aesthetics in his posts.
“I mostly post flatlays and OOTD’s in my Instagram, I like to keep it minimal and colorful.”

Tips to be Insta-ready

  1. Experiment new angles, just don’t blindly copy others. It will take a lot of trial and error but try to find your best angle. For me, I like to tilt my head a bit to make my neck look longer.
  2. If you want to get noticed on Instagram, use lots of relevant hash tags andpost photos on Instagram Prime time, as more people are active during that period. In Nepal most people are active on Instagram between 6pm to 9pm.
  3. Compose a good shoot and take good photos. Pay attention to the lightings and symmetry. You can fix your photos with different photo editors but don’t just depend on them. I personally don’t prefer photos with lots of noise and grain, so I am very careful about it.
  4. Try to post consistently but don’t do it just for the sake of it. No matter how loyal your followers are, they wouldn’t want to see random pictures.
  5. Before taking selfies clean your front camera so that your photos aren’t blurry or foggy.


Sugam’s Picks

Photo editor: Lightroom and Photoshop
Color palette: Teal and orange
Instagram feature: I love the new feature called highlight where I can save my stories and selfies for more than 24 hours.


Name: Niushakarki

Instagram username: Niusha.k.k
Devices: Canon 80d and f1.8 50 mm lens and Iphone X
Niusha is always photo ready and shares bits of her blogs ( and travel diaries through her Instagram.
“I don’t just post pictures of my outfits unlike other fashion bloggers. I post pictures of different locations.”

Tips to be Insta-ready

  1. Take photos in less crowded places.
  2. Maintain aspect ratio and straighten your photos.
  3. While posing I try to keep my facial expressions minimal and just go with simple poses but focus on good posture.
  4. I always stand on my toes to make me look taller and slimmer.
  5. Use photos with high resolution. Do not post unclear and low quality pictures.


Photo editor: Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO
Instagram feature: I love the Instagram filters. Among them serma is my favorite, it’s low tone and goes with my feed.
Color palette: White theme
Favourite instagrammer: Sisan Baniya