My Splitsvilla 10 Experience - Esha Khadka Chowdhry

Esha Khadka Chowdhry was in the spotlight when she was featured as a contestant in the tenth season of MTV Splitsvilla. Entitled “hunt for love” this Indian television reality show has boys and girls as contestants, competing in tasks to stay in the show and also find love. Khadka Chowdhry shares her experience with Living.

Tell us a little about yourself that we don’t already know from the show.

Me, I am a very happy go lucky kind of girl, in fact bubbly the word. I always keep very high energy for any moments. If you ask my close friends or my family, you will know that is just an external side to me. I am a very emotional person. I care deeply and love deeply. But I love having a good time, going out, living life. However, on the other hand, I always wanted to do something for my country, I would say, that is something inheritant. But I guess what I show the world is just half of me, and to really get to know the other half, you have to really get to know me.

Why did you decide to audition for Splitsvilla and how was the process?

My first and foremost vision was to represent my country, in an international platform. MTV Splitsvilla is a platform, where I can explore more about the international shows. The process was extremely challenging but yes at the same time being on the show was what motivated me to keep going.

Did being a Nepali girl on an Indian show ever become a factor during the show or did it never come up?

The best part is I felt warmth in the whole environment. I had completely electrifying moments. All the participants were treated equally. We all enjoy every moment of it. I, especially never felt out of place. Everyone knew I was a Nepali; they'd ask me questions about Nepal. Rannvijay and Sunny would always express love and respect for Nepal.



How was it working with Rannvijay and Sunny?

Working with them was a super experience. I really became a huge fan and the admirer of Sunny and Ranvijay leadership. From them I have learnt many new things like how to present myself in such an international platform, have helped me to enhance my skills. Sometime, they made me feel homely sharing the food with such a persona. I'd keep stealing Rannvijay’s food (winks and laughs). I appreciate the Sunny and Rannvijay combination. Rannvijay is very understandable, and on the other hand I found Sunny is sweet and cute but she is very headstrong as well independent.

Since Splitsvilla is in its 10th season and we have all followed it for a long time. What were your expectations from the show and was it any different from the ground reality there?

The show was promising and demanding too. However, as a matter of fact, I had always put my best foot forward. Learning is huge. I take this as a learning process, where one needs to always enhance and develop the skill. On other hand, Splitsvilla has given me huge reach to my fan. You know what, winning the task was the best motivational instances.

  • Who would you say you’d miss the most from the show?

Being together for so many days, we all became family. Waking up at the same time eating and sharing our food and fighting against each other during tasks, alssl became part of my life during my time at the villa. I’m missing everybody, especially Baseer Ali and Alisha Farrer amongst the contestants and not to forget, Rannvijay and Sunny. I had always been humble and polite with my all co-contestants.

How different is life in the villa from your regular life? Was it as drama filled as we see on the show? How were the people like off camera?

It's a different life compared to my regular life; can't be compared honestly. Our whole lives revolved around the show from the time we woke up till we went off to sleep. Off camera was more filled with drama (laughs). Some are what they are both on and off camera but for the rest, it's a personality they portray on the show. The life in Splitsvilla was different a challenging, every day came with new form of game and challenge. Charles Darwin theory phrase “Survival of the fittest” sets here proper.

  • This year, instead of the dumping ground, you had the oracle. Were you as surprised as we were? Did it throw you off?

I was very surprised. I had expected what had been going on all of last season, so it threw me off a bit but once the initial surprise wore off, it was fine. You tend to get captivated by things that are going on there. I'm happy to have been a part of the 10th season; completion of a decade.

Since this year’s Splitsvilla was all about finding the ideal match, what kind of a guy would you say would be your ideal match?

My ideal match would be someone I can laugh with, have deep conversations with but at the same time go crazy with, someone who is sexy both inside and out, who turns on my mind and not just my body.

What do you plan to do next now that you’ve finished shooting Splitsvilla?

I feel Nepal has a huge potential in the field of cinema. My wish list is to explore this vertical staying in Nepal. Our country has made extremely talented personality and would definitely want to be one of them.