Rupesh Pandey, Managing Director of RP Group Pvt. Ltd., is down-to-earth and has always believed in ethnical values when it comes to the products that he offers to customers. He is one of the first individuals in the country to bring a clothing franchise in Nepal with court agreement. Pandey started with the wholesale supply of garments and groceries after graduating from Thakur Ram Campus in Birgunj in 2001.Today, he is associated with several well-known international clothing brands like Indian Terrain, Celio, Louise Phillipe, Da Milano Italia, Rosso Brunelo, W Aurelia, Satyapaul, Colorplus, Jeans Deal and several others. Pandey has not looked back since he started off with his first store, the Jai Ambe Saree Showroom in the busy streets of Indra Chowk back in 2007. He is still striving to bring other reputed brands into the country so that his Nepali customers can fulfill their desire for high-end clothe along with a sense of security that the products are genuine.

“Nepal is a land of opportunities; all one needs to understand is what the current demand is. I understand the love for branded clothing among Nepalis who travelled to India and abroad to buy them. RP Group is trying their best to offer a wide range of clothing along with food items, electronics and construction products and all we want is trust from our customers,” says Pandey when asked about the vision of RP Group. He believes that the current demand of the youth is a multi-brand outlet where they can shop for accessories from several franchises. He already owns 21 international exclusive showrooms in town and is looking forward to add Tommy Hilfiger to the collection.

With the expanding business culture in Nepal, people have been travelling to India and foreign countries on a regular basis and in these business trips they come across the brands which they find themselves comfortable in.Their exposure to these brands is becoming more pronounced through increased internet consumption. Rupesh has understood this phenomenon very well and is thus capitalizing on the Nepali market with his exclusive retail ventures. He believes that once the people buy a branded product, the quality, fabric, stitching and overall finish of the product will automatically lure them back to buy more. However, talking about the clothing industry in the country, he also revealed how the people are cheated into thinking they are buying genuine material. He informs, ‘Just opening a showroom with a logo print on a flex will not make it an authorized one. It’s very essential for customers to understand that there are very few authorized stores here and for this it becomes their duty to go into the official website of the brands they are looking for and check for the genuine outlets of that brand.’

He adds, “Fake products that are brought into the market are diminishing the trust of people towards authenticity of apparels sold in the market. Government inspection needs to be more vigilant and basic training sessions and conferences can be held among the entrepreneurs so that no one dares to repeat such fraudulent practices. The recent exposure of such fraudulent activities at Durbar Marg has made people aware and today they tend to investigate thoroughly before entering an outlet. This has helped our stores to become more customer-friendly as we not only deal with products but also ensure regular maintenance.”

Revealing the secrets of success of RP Group, Pandey believes it’s the honesty and relationship that the outlet maintains with customers that retains them and keeps them coming back. He is more focused on the consumer lifestyle and has plans to bring other well-known international franchises into the country, dealing with comfort and high-end luxury. Nepal, being in a phase of rapid economic development, is in need of such high-end brands which will improve the lifestyle of Nepalis and provide them with global luxuries and Pandey is all set to make this happen.