Many people especially the younger generation today prefer to watch videos on YouTube rather than watch shows on television as there is an unlimited supply of interesting videos covering all aspects of life. People have also been making their own YouTube channels and uploading creative content. Vlogging or video-blogging has become extremely popular and people are engaging more and more in such activities.  Random Nepali is one such Nepali YouTube channel that features fresh, creative and entertaining videos and the channel already has subscribers of over fifty-five thousand. 
Before Rastra Bimochan Timalsena’s face was shown on a video uploaded by Girish Khatiwada some five months ago or in the latest videos of Paradgym TV, only a few people knew his name and who he really was. When asked why, Timalsena replies, “First of all, the videos that I make using whiteboard animation don’t require me to show my face. When you don’t, there is this secret element and naturally curiosity builds up among viewers. People were enjoying my videos and I had good growth in viewership, so I was like why show my face and change the whole dynamic of my videos.” Although he wasn’t thinking about revealing his identity anytime soon, he was approached by Girish Khatiwada to do Random Nepali’s revealing video in his channel. “Girish Dai was senior to me in school and I have a lot of respect for him. I am also a fan of his vlogs because of which I simply couldn’t refuse when he asked me,” adds Timalsena. 
He is a lawyer, lecturer in three different educational institutions and also a YouTuber. So, how does he manage time for all these? “Till doing your Bachelor level, life is full of fun because you don’t have to work. But after graduation, you start working and you kind of have a robotic life, like wake up, go to office or work and come back home. So, you do miss that fun and entertainment which is why I started Random Nepali,” informs Timalsena. He generally explores ideas and contents for his videos whenever he has free time during his work life. But his life as a YouTuber starts from six in the evening. “As for the ideas for my video content, I get inspiration from what is going on around me and things that everyone can relate to and enjoy watching on videos,” he explains. He also follows other international YouTubers and if their ideas can be related or implemented in his videos, he does that too. “I always list all the ideas for my video contents and sometimes if the ideas aren’t enough, I turn to my brothers and friends to whom I ask for ideas and suggestions,” says Rastra Bimochan.
Timalsena took whiteboard animation as a story telling medium for his videos. “To be very honest, when I first made a random and simple video, I made it just for fun to share the funny moment with others. At that time Aayush Rimal was there and Sisan Baniya had just started,” says Timalsena. “If I had made a similar type of video showing my face and all, I would have gotten negative comments saying I was copying them and so on which is something I didn’t want,” he adds. So he searched for ideas to make his videos unique and enjoyable at the same time. “I am an avid follower of other YouTube channels like AsapScience and MinutePhysics which use whiteboard animation. I searched for Nepali YouTube channels that use such animation but found none. So, I thought why not try it and see what the viewers think,” reveals Timalsena. 

He made a whiteboard animation video and uploaded in his channel. The very next day, the video got widely accepted and reached two thousand views which at that point of time was a huge success for him. The comments were also good in the videos and he got motivated to use similar ideas for his future videos. “The reason I chose this style of video making is because I didn’t want to be lost in the crowd. If all the YouTubers use the same methods of making videos, you don’t stand apart and the audience gets bored. All YouTubers should have their own identity and I found mine by making videos using whiteboard animation,” he says.
Timalsena had never thought of or planned on creating a channel like Random Nepali. Two and a half years ago, cat videos or baby videos were going viral on YouTube. One day, he saw his nephew trying to blow a plastic trumpet toy but the kid couldn’t because there was a hole in it. “My nephew was trying and blowing so hard, and when doing so he looked very cute. So, I thought why not record it and upload the video on YouTube,” he says. He chose ‘Random Nepali Videos’ as the title of that video and it just got some hundred views. Then a thought came to his mind that ‘Random Nepali’ is a very catchy name and he didn’t have any specific type of videos to make or upload. He started collecting random ideas during which he got introduced to whiteboard animation for his video presentation and that’s how his channel ‘Random Nepali’ came into existence.
Can YouTube be a source of livelihood for a Nepali? He answers, “To be very frank, totally depending on YouTube like views and AdSense is of no use here in Nepal. YouTube for me is like a fun zone rather that work. My livelihood is somewhere else. I earn more from other professions than from YouTube,” He thinks that if one wants to make YouTube their profession or in other such media platforms, YouTube is a great platform where you can get exposure among people of all age groups and a very diverse audience. The main thing is those channels must have a unique identity, excellent content, large number of subscribers, and above all, sponsorship from various brands and companies.“ I think within two or three years, brands and companies will start giving advertisements and sponsorship on YouTube because of the large viewership and since cable television is slowly fading out and being overtaken by internet television. So maybe being a YouTuber can be a job opportunity in the near future in Nepal,” opines Timalsena.
“I am truly overwhelmed by the response that I am getting from viewers right now. I hope they will keep supporting me. For those who don’t know me or haven’t watched my videos, do take a look, and if you like my videos do subscribe to Random Nepali channel,” suggests Rastra Bimochan Timalsena. He concludes, “I think bringing interesting content and keeping the viewers entertained is the first priority that every YouTuber should have in mind and I’ll be bringing new content in my future videos as well.”