Vlogger’s pick!


Before we begin with your favorite gadgets, could you recite your experience in the music industry?

The journey in the music industry has been great all the way; from the ups and downs in the fan following to the constant changing trends in the music consumption mediums of the audience. In the digital age its difficult to keep track of changing trends in music; “ If we snooze we loose”. But it’s good if you look at today's scene of evolving digital technologies; it makes you work hard and stay on your toes. However, at times it’s a little too hectic. Currently I am just going with the flow. I am trying to go where my fans would want to see me.

What was the first music video that you released, and tell us about the technology back then?

My first music video wasMa YestoChhutestochhu. It was shot on some call consumer handycam. I can’t remember the name and model but I remember that the handycams looked smaller and were of low profile but it could perform as good as any professional cameras used by big production houses.  I believe the reason the video looked great was not because of the camera but other elements of filmmaking such as smoke, lights, performing artists, the camera angles, the movements and the determination of the team itself.

How do you think technology has evolved over the years?
Technology has become accessible to individuals and not only to those who can afford. When I was studying in the US, I became popular amongst friends because of my rapping skills. But, sadly there was no way I could share my videos like Ma Yestochhu and Timijahapanijanchhu to the world; the only way people could see my videos were on Nepali television channels. Then came Youtube.  For me, it was a perfect platform to upload my videos and show mywork to the world. However, I thank all the television channels that helped me put my videos out to the public; I have a huge big respect to all influencers from that era.

What were some of the gadgets you started off with while making Youtube videos?

I started uploading a few vlogslike 'Getting a tattoo' shot on a Motorola backflip phone. On the other hand my friend Kevin Anderson's profile video was shot on Canon 550D and 50mm1.8 lens.

Currently what are your favorite gadgets?

My laptop and my phone.

According to you what are the five gadgets every youtuber should own…

A badass computer

A basic camera that shoots HD

Lights/ Windows

A solid source for audio recording.

Comfortable headphones.


Which phone do you think has the best camera quality for making videos?

Any phone is good, it’s the light that you have to chase. I would suggest making the most out of the sun. 


What gadgets are on your wish list for 2018?

Sony A7S mark 3. I really hope Sony soon releases its camera with a flip out screen and hybrid autofocus with contrast and phase detection both.


Six best vlogging cameras

1. GoPro Hero 6

2. Rx100 mark V

3 Canon 80D

4. Canon G7X mark ii

5. Sony a6500


Other than phones and cameras what accessories a Youtuber must possess?

A good notepad to jot down scripts and ideas, a good table and chair to maintain your posture while sitting down for long hours of editing.

Who's Youtube channel have you subscribed to?
1. Sabin Karki

2. AayushRimal

3. SisanBaniya

4. Nepali Prankster

5. James Shrestha