Sanjay Gupta, Actor

“It’s been long time I’ve been attached to Living; it has proved itself as one of the leading magazines so far. The quality of content is really fantastic and I love the way the pictures are portrayed. I want the magazine to grow further and cover more areas, keeping up the standard as present.”

Sandhya KC, Actor

“I’d say it’s a complete entertainment package as a wide variety of topics are covered. The articles and photoshoots are very attractive. The magazine inspires me to work harder to achieve splendid things in life. The cover photo of the November 2017 issue was indeed captivating. I expect the magazine to grow and continue to remain an inspiration for many. It has provided a platform for recognition to many.


Reecha Sharma, Actor

“I would say it’s the best English magazine in the country. I think we’re of the same age when our career is concerned (laughs). I’ve been featured in the magazine in the last four to five years and I’ve seen it grow and getting popular among the people here. In fact, Living has also provided the platform for many upcoming models and photographers to come in the limelight and has been evolving in a very beautiful way.  However, I want the magazine to use more online platform to introduce the articles because the world is now digitalizing slowly and the trend of reading hardcopy is diminishing.”

Malina Joshi, Miss Nepal 2011

“It’s really hard for any magazine to sustain in Nepal and ECS has shown that if the quality is maintained, the magazines can sustain in Nepal as well. Through its beautiful and standard content, Living is where its today. It has maintained a class and has been consistent with the same. I expect the magazine to be more creative and distinguished and keep on maintaining the standard.”

Siddhant Raj Pandey, Chairman/MD of Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.

“Since its inception, Living has progressively been able to provide substance as lifestyle magazine with high standards of production. I find the content more diverse in recent publications than before. The consistency in providing life style stories, interviews and articles has been the most impressive feature of Living despite all these years. It still warrants the reader to turn the page. Once the seven new provinces come into existence, the magazine should delve into lives of the independent entrepreneurs, the community of emerging talent and break out stories that will unleash the future Nepal through the stories of these people.”

Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010

“Living has evolved itself as a magazine which diversifies into all the areas like fashion, insights into other people’s lives, fashion shoots which is great. It also includes articles like 10 stylish people, 10 influential people and similar stuff, which I love the most. Having sustained so far in this digital age is the most impressive part and I believe it’s been the first choice for all the sponsors as well (laughs). I expect the magazine to be bigger and better every year.