Kali Prashad Baskota, Singer/composer

Almost every Nepali has heard the popular Resham Filili (movie) at one point or the other and it makes us nostalgic, longing for those carefree days. But sadly not many remember the man who composed the song. Kali Prasad Baskota is a lyricist, composer, arranger, a recording artist and an audio engineer. He believes his success stems from being able to find that sweet spot in the middle; that perfect balance between lyrical/ literary aspect and a catchy song structure. Chahana bahana sakyo, Kabbadi kabbadi and many other hits over a long career has been rewarded with numerous awards. His songs have been covered and remixed incessantly since their release. Hits FM music awards and accolades certainly make for nice resume, but success means something quite different to him. Kali Prasad believes that it is being able to provide for the family doing something he loves, making music and making a name for himself in the meantime, is what it's all about.

Samyak Shrestha, Poet

Being a successful musician is a big challenge; succeeding as a poet is a leap of faith if you want to make it. Samyak Shrestha has received numerous prizes and critical acclaim over the years getting two honorable mentions from the academy of American poets. Another feather in his cap would be the Bondurant Prize in poetry in particular. In his mind however, he believes he hasn't quite achieved success but the journey is long. For Samyak, prizes and recognition do not mean success; they are just acknowledgement of his endeavors. It's the rare interaction with fans when he's told ‘his poem touched or moved the individual a lot’ that makes it all worthwhile. Having the power to move complete strangers by mere words alone and being appreciated for it is what it's all about for him.

Ritesh Agrawal, Entrepreneur

As a carefree and wild, but mature young man freshly back from India, Ritesh Agarwal was always in pursuit of the hottest events and the coolest go-tos. However, often quite disappointed by the uninspired efforts in organizing these parties, he decided to branch out and organize his own events. Although he admits it was rough sailing at first, the rough waves eventually smoothed out and now he is on a boat cruising through smooth seas with a highly reputed enterprise "We fear Silence". They organize an average of 20 events a year not taking into consideration annual events like Valentine’s Day. Special events and music festivals besides private parties tailored according to the individuals wish are their main stay. Besides, he also owns the equally reputed chain of cafes, Mr.Beans. As if that wasn't enough, he's working on getting major artists like Anupam Kher alongside, expanding his business in the United Kingdom as well, in order to establish a foothold in the entertainment sector. He feels it was his uncanny ability to spot a window of opportunity and reap benefits out of it that has made him the man he is today.

Nayayug Shrestha, Footballer

An army man who's served the country besides being a national football player making waves, Nayayug is a true patriot. In his notable football career spanning over six years, he thinks that the hardest part of the entire journey was the initial frustration and disappointment at not being able to make the National team as quickly as he'd expected. But he achieved that career goal long ago and now stands proudly with his teammates. He truly believes his unyielding hard work, perseverance and most importantly, refusal to slack off and be lazy is what made all the difference. Right now, he's content with where his life is; in perpetual servitude to his country and to the Tribhuwan Army Club. Nayayug stresses on the fact that before all the success and glory as a player, he considers himself a proud Nepali soldier above all else.

BigenTamang, Beauty technician

Bigen Tamang is someone who’s deeply involved in almost every aspect of beautification, from personal service and attendance to skin care tips, product recommendations and a lot more. To call him “Barber” or “hair dresser” or even “owner of a rather successful joint” just doesn’t do justice. Meet Nepal’s top beauty technician, Bigen. Owner of an immensely well received joint "Reveal Saloon and training" Bigen believes that the reason for his successful endeavors can all be boiled down to one word; standards." It's not that people don't want to pay for expensive service but just that they are less willing to pay for a high price tag if it is not worth it. So for me it’s all about providing international standards of service and making sure they get what they paid for." In addition to the emphasis on top notch quality, he thinks being up to date with the latest trends and styles is just as much reason for his success as providing customers what they want that much easier. Minus his natural skills, it's the little things that add up and augment the difference between him and his competitors.

Lokesh Bajracharya, Multimedia Editor

With over a decade of experience in editing/touching up TV shows and movies to music videos, Lokesh Bajracharya is as seasoned a media veteran can possibly be. From editing hits like Visa Girl to working with both Image and Kantipur to editing well over two hundred music videos in his resume, it's a wonder he's moderately known. He acknowledges that he's scaled to a level where many would wish to exchange places with him but that he doesn't quite consider himself a man who's "succeeded" as one can never stop climbing and "reaching the pinnacle of success" is just too much of a finality. He is currently actively involved in "Gaaja Baaja" a light hearted show about two pot heads but due to the controversial title, it hasn't quite taken off. "it's just completely twisted, as murders and rapes are freely sanctioned in movies citing freedom of expression but just the name of a plant, a simple plant can stir up this much trouble; it’s just crazy."


When it comes to cutting women’s hair then usually it is seen as a job for females but SUMAN SHRESTHA learned hair cutting and became a hair dresser for women. Carefree about the world he did something different and tried spreading the field for males too. It took loadd of patience to start his career as he needed to deal with different kinds of customers every day. What makes him more special is the way he cuts hair that makes it easy for him to manage a customer. He tries changing the negative attitude some customers have towards him. Therefore he believes in understanding the feeling and the choice the customer makes.


From childhood days many dream of becoming successful and rich and KARMA WANGEL is also one of them. The sole owner of Accessories Nepal dared to do something different and gpt recognition. Accessories are not a very common business and the trend of wearing it is fading as the people follow modern trends but Karma Wangel took an initiative to bring back the trend and continue the tradition. He took the risk of opening ACCESSORIES NEPAL in the R.B.Complex in New Road and fortunately that one risk turned his dreams into reality. The courage to think different and take risks at a very young age makes KARMA unique. His travels gave him the idea and his experiences made it possible.


To continue one’s hobby and be successful in that field needs dedication and focus and not everyone has these qualities. ANANDA MAHARJAN through his dedication and determination achieved a lot in designing which was just a hobby for him. He chose to become a designer and took an initiative to learn because he enjoyed it. He became popular among people and his career shot up. “Font design, type design is not that popular nowadays and people are ignoring them. But I wanted it to continue so I chose to take a step and not let it get ignored because I want people to still use it for designing,” says Maharjan.

Rajesh KC

A political cartoonist; that's what Rajesh considers makes up the bulk of who he is and what he is here for. Although he's an eterpreneur owning Phalano headed business too, for most, he's simply the genius behind the "Gajab chha ba?" comic strip at Kantipur which has managed to enthrall, captivate and draw in millions of avid readers for than a decade by now.