A car is an asset of a lifetime, as it carries you from place to place. But it is also a part of your lifestyle besides being a prized possession. Buying a car in Nepal is not an easy decision as it calls for a lot of capital investment. That being said, here’s the lowdown on a variety of cars that are cost and fuel efficient.

Tata Tigor

Tata Tigor is an excellent option if you are looking for a stylish yet comfortable hatchback. It has a brilliant design for a hatchback in its segment, with all the hexagonal details that Tata has incorporated. The smart hinges in the boot gives way to 419 liters of cargo space, which for a hatchback is a lot. The 3-cylinder petrol and diesel engines make it a very convenient car to drive around in city conditions. This is the perfect model for anyone who basically drives to commute from home to work and back. Tata has also added a multi driving feature, which is a first for a car in this segment. The engines are suitable for the unpredictable driving conditions on city roads as well as on the highways. Although off-roading is not a good option with this type of car, it is perfect for the narrow streets of Kathmandu. Overall, this Tata product is suitable for someone looking for an affordable car to drive around the streets of Kathmandu.

Ford Figo

The Ford Figo is another spectacular option for someone looking to purchase a hatchback family car. It has a very durable, powerful and efficient 1.5 diesel engine, with great braking and fuel economy. The fuel tank capacity is 40 liters, which gives a mileage of 25.5 kmpl. It also has a great ride quality with suspensions that guarantee comfort. The Ford Figo has some wonderful features, to keep customer satisfied with the purchase that they made. It comes with an adjustable headrest, which was a major change customers had demanded. The rear part of the car provides great leg space for passengers because of the scooped-in backs of the front seat. This car is perfect for someone looking to purchase an affordable car to shelter them from rainy and dusty conditions in Kathmandu.

Volkswagen POLO

The Volkswagen POLO is a solid, well-built European style hatchback with great design sensibility. The car offers 1.5 liters TDL, which gives it great drivability, performance and mileage. The boot has 280 liters of cargo space, which is reasonably high for an affordable hatchback. The flat-bottomed steering wheel, trimmed in leather, adds a sporty air to this city hatchback. The car provides adequate legroom both in the front and back. The legroom also comes with a great under-thigh support and very acceptable headroom. There is ample space in the back to accommodate three passengers.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a premium compact crossover with amazing safety features. It has an impressive front fascia bearing a high stance. The boxy rear design makes it a bit different from its competitors, but the very sleek interior gives the car a classy look. It also comes with plenty of cubby spaces to store your valuables in the center console and the door pads. A remarkable feature in the Ignis is a tablet styled infotainment screen. This occupies a large portion of the central console. This car is a great option for someone looking to purchase their first luxury vehicle but at a reasonable cost.


Hyundai Grand i10

The Hyundai grand i10 is a commonly seen car on the streets of Kathmandu. Its tweaked engine gives more power and is extremely efficient. It’s bold and large cascading design gives it prominence, which on the other hand, is subtle and appealing to the eye. The Grand i10 comes in three different types of models: 1.2 Era, 1.2 Magna, and 1.2 Sportz. Overall, all three of these models are very similar except for a few features. They also have a range of prices due to these features, but the prices do not vary drastically. The Magna comes with a keyless entry, which one does not find in the Era. The Sportz on the other hand, has rear parking sensors, which is not found in the other two models. The 1.2-liter unit engine is what makes the Grand i10 so powerful and easy to drive around the city.