Jaalo and Jaalo Returns are the two movies that are expected to make illustrious mark in the history of cinema. Araaj Keshav and Mohit Munal are the director and producer of these epic movies. In addition to directing, Araaj is also the writer of the sequels and is acknowledged as the linchpin of the entire project. cinema. 

Unlike other industry, the films industry of Nepal does not shares very long history. As per the record, the first ever Nepali language movie to be shot and produced was ‘Aama’ in 2021 B.S. Taking into the note we celebrate all around 50 years of cinematic history. This is nearly half vis-à-vis to most acclaimed movie industries of the world, Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood. Yet, in spite of short span, Nepali movies in past few years have made exceptional improvements in terms of both script plus revenue. This article highlights one of such upcoming movie which is known to place its name in Guinness Book of World Record while striving to win hearts of multitude of movie goers through its inimitable uncut / one shot two movies concept making it first one in world’s cinematic history.  

Jaalo and Jaalo Returns are the two movies that are expected to make illustrious mark in the history of cinema. Araaj Keshav and Mohit Munal are the director and producer of these epic movies. In addition to directing, Araaj is also the writer of the sequels and is acknowledged as the linchpin of the entire project. 

Arguably the idea behind one shot two movies doesn’t merely sound incredible but as well raises the profound curiosity. Since the announcement of the Jaalo and the sequel, the public inquisitiveness to learn more about the movie has heightened up. The first of its kind in the world, overwhelming numbers of people have already expressed their quest to know about the movie. Audience’s zeal to learn about the idea behind this unique script is unfathomable albeit the viability of achieving the feat seems partially attainable. 

“Actually, the one shot movie has indeed brought up some hype in the industry however this is what makes our movie stand out from the pack”, says Araaj Keshav, the director of famed movie, Birkhe Lai Chinches, “The entire team is fully confident and all the members have high hopes in setting the name in the Guinness Book of World Record”. Director Araaj is well known figure in the Nepali entertainment field. Today, though he is known as one of the proficient directors, he kicked off his career as a singer in 2058 B.S. followed by working as a music composer. 

After completing his graduation in Lucknow, India, he returned his hometown, Kathmandu. With deep enthuse in Nepali music; he began composing Nepali songs which latter received positive appreciation from his friends. In the year 2058 B.S. he released the song “Ghintang Maa Ghintang”, marking the beginning of his career as a singer. However, realizing the need to sharpen his voice and song, Araaj started taking lessons from the 1942 A.D vocalist James Pradhan. Two years later, he launched his first album ‘Different Soch’ with songs like Pheri Pani Timro Tasbir and Simsime Paani Paryo went super success. Since then, he launched further two albums in 2062 and 2065 B.S. During the musical journey, he also worked as a rapper in popular songs like Pani Khane Niule and Manileu Sansaraki tmi ramri.

Yet, despite of working as a musician, composer and rapper, Araaj shares “Direction was my focal ambition”. The opportunity to work as the director came quite late in his career although he was already in the movie by 2064 B.S. Before diving into the direction, he states “I worked in a different field within the film industry as a choreographer, music director, editor, chief editor, assistant director”, and “yes as an actor too”. 

Eventually, Araaj finally landed on his first solo directing project with the movie, Birkhe Lai Chinches. Likewise, the Jaalo and the Jaalo Returns mark his second solo movie project. “It was seven years ago when I was struck by an idea of creating the one shot movie” mentions Araaj who later shared his ideas about the project to his media friends. However, the idea later received pessimistic views and outright rejection thus he adds “I ceased the idea and never talked about it again”. 

Nevertheless, Jaalo project took off its pace, when Araaj revived and shared his long dropped idea of one shot movie to his friend Mohit Munal. Munal, who assured never to invest in the movie due to his prior number of unsuccessful endeavor in movies, was impressed by the idea of one shot movie. The producer of the Jaalo and the Jaalo returns, Mohit Munal shares “I was excited by the script and accepted to produce right after Araaj shared the draft of the Jaalo’s script”. 

There are already numbers of one shot movies, been made in the film industry around the world. When asked how these movies weren’t able to go for Guinness Book of World Record but Jaalo. “All ever made one shot movies were captured barely for an hour, however Jaalo and the sequel will be shot for incessant four hours”, Director Araaj smiles, “This allows our one shot project to apply for the world record”. 

Araaj says at the beginning the idea was just about the implementation of one shot movie. He adds, we had then naught thoughts to apply for the world record. But the idea for the world record struck him when he learnt about the large number of singers clustered to break the world record through singing a song. He then thought it if that may be viable for his one shot movies. “I then searched Google later to find the void of one shot category in Guinness Book of World Record” exclaims Araaj, “and applied it right away”. Moreover, it wasn’t all, following the submission of application, they were asked they can only apply for the world record if they can one shot the movie for over 3hrs and 28mins. 

“The typical preferred length for any movie is less or between 2hrs, and crafting over 3hrs of movie only to break the world record is irrational” asserts Araaj. Then comes Jaalo and Jaalo returns - one shot two movies. The idea of the sequels enabled them to apply for the category of one shot movie in Guinness Book of World Record. With the sequels, team can craft two movies under one shot and beyond required time frame. 

The idea behind one shot and aiming to break the world cinematic history record is undeniably an appreciable move. But, this move isn’t identical as preparation of other movies - for this to succeed everything must hit the target; one miss can lead to the demise of this pride project. Nonetheless, all the stakeholders from the director Araaj himself to actors, cameraman, makeup artists everyone are the kingpin of the Jaalo and Jaalo returns. A single member failure to perform the required tasks with precision or timing can bring the project near to collapse. To thwart this from happening, strong plus highly talented team is must. A team with years of experience and competent to perform in any circumstances is required. This is an epitome of team that can give hope to break the record and illuminate Nepali movie industry in the global arena. 

Thus, understanding the complexity yet being the requirement of experienced and qualified team, Jaalo eventually formed the team of 86 members. In addition to the team, to make the movie enjoyable and worth the price, writer cum director Araaj further bolstered the script with interesting concept. “Since, it’s about the world record; the movie is also the matter of national concern. We cannot simply make a movie with baseless script just for the sake of breaking the record. Taking it into consideration, we are preparing Jaalo and the returns with competent technicians, talented artists mostly from theatres and script full of romance, comedy, flashbacks and thriller”, details Araaj. 

This project apart from the experienced team also requires equally sophisticated technical equipments. Director Araaj shares, equipments also play the key role for movie to succeed. With right equipment in hand, we can implement lots of complex scenes without facing many difficulties. However, since Nepali film industry still doesn’t feature advanced equipments, we imported most of the equipments from abroad. Likewise, finance acting as a major constraint for the movie, director of this epic movie asserts, “The strong faith of being able to pull out good results from the movie is pushing us to move ahead no matter the constraints - whether finance or equipments.” 

Although the shooting of the movie is all set to began, Araaj says, the movie has already received mixed responses from peoples. “I have heard people saying in the market, the one shot movie is illogical and outright impossible. Film should be made with proper direction and be well presented; one shot lacks the base of the movie”, states Araaj, “Whatsoever, against all odds, our team is fully committed and determined to bring fruitful result.” 

The Jaalo project which got initiated back on Shrawan 2073 features experienced crew members. One of the living legends of Nepali film industry Neer Shah, young talented Anoop Bikram Shahi, Raymon Das Shrestha, Menuka Pradhan, and Muna Gauchan are the major star casts of the movie. Hari Ghale Lama, cinematography of the movie has been in the industry for 22 yrs. On the other hand, Rabindra Khadka, Sudharshan Acharya and many other prominent artists of film industry are the part of the movie. Finally, direction and production by highly competent Araaj Keshav and Mohit Munal ascertain to boost the Jaalo likeliness to achieve the ambition.

 Neer Shah who has been in the Nepali film industry for over decades finds the Jaalo project entirely unprecedented yet amazed to be part of. “This movie will require lots of hard work and is truly difficult. However we are striving to create the process with ease as possible”, states Shah. He further adds, the movie is highly technical thus artistic deliberation and technology must require perfect blend for a successful one shot movie. 

The one shot movie is unique as it’s about to be carried out by the Jaalo’s team for the first time in the world. To be part of the movie is indeed matter of pride but to deliver an ideal result is something easier said than done. Anoop Bikram Shahi, one of the lead actors of Jaalo and the Jaalo sequel explains, “The movie is the challenge for us. Nobody has dared doing project like such. No movie with one shot for four hours has ever been made in any film industry. Until and unless we go on the floor, rehearse and perform, at this point all we can assure is it will be tough”. 

Entered into the industry from the movie Sourya, Anoop shares a lot of his friends bragged about the movie as a fallible project. He says, despite of what any one has to say, I support the director Araaj initiation to further this dare venture. This is a challenge which he is trying to do in a different way, which is the prime reason the entire team endeavor to support the project. 

Apart from everything, the project major star casts have to say, the cinematography Hari Ghale Lama will have more pressure to face than others. It is perhaps true that since its one shot movie the cinematography will have to carry and move the camera across many directions and should make certain it’s done without any mistake. The camera weighs about 13kilos and holding and taking it across for all 4hrs is big deal. He says “Yes, the camera has a huge weight and since I have to move it around for hours, I have already started yoga to prevent from fatigue during the process”. Hari Ghale has done cinematography for numerous movies including two Bhojpuri and Bollywood Love Lost Life. Despite of being for 22 yrs in the field, he acknowledges Jaalo as his first ever distinct project. 

Nevertheless, Jaalo and the Jaalo returns undoubtedly have brought up a hype of inquisitiveness in the public minds. Proclaimed as one shot or uncut two movies, all the movies crew and public are highly anticipating for team to set the Guinness Book of World Record. The first of its kind in the entire world’s film industry, breaking the world record would illuminate the benighted Nepali movie industry across the globe. We all hope the movie would be successful in achieving the ambitious feat. Best of luck for the entire team of Jaalo and the Jaalo returns. Hopefully, we proud Nepali would soon hear the team’s success. Jay Jaalo!