Two fitness enthusiasts with a driven mindset, meet and plan to revolutionize the fitness industry of Nepal and bring the entire spectrum in a single app. Co-founders Nomaan Uddin and Samyak Udas came up with the idea to fulfill the needs of Nepali fitness enthusiasts by creating a platform for connecting people with fitness with a few simple touches from an app, HealthFix.
Nomaan Uddin, one of the co-founders of the Healtfix app is a young entrepreneur determined to take the fitness industry into the growing digital era, bolstering sound knowledge and skill. He also lends his professional knowledge of business development and supply chain management by acting as a consultant to young startup companies. 
Working closely with Samyak Udas, the co-founder of the HealthFix app and a well-known fitness figure and aspiring entrepreneur in the Nepali industry the co-founders aim to create a simplified platform, creating a disruption in the fitness industry in Nepal. It’s a platform for connecting people with fitness with just an app. 

What is Healthfix app all about?
Healthfix app is about discovering and promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine. The saying ‘health is wealth’ could not be any truer. We are all concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And healthfix is also about introducing our users to the most convenient way of taking care of their health. Health fix is not just for gathering useful tips and guides for someone very new to fitness but also for providing you with various authorized fitness products that compliment your fitness routine. 

Why choose the name “HealthFix”?
The reason why we named it Healthfix is because health directly correlates to fitness. And when you're fit both physically and mentally, you automatically proceed to improve your health. And the name was also to promote the idea of helping people understand fitness.

What instigated the idea of developing this app?
After observing Nepal’s growing fitness industry and also having lived outside for my studies where I got the chance to see lots of technology-based fitness platforms. It then led to this idea of developing an app. As no one else had introduced the concept of a one-stop fitness app for buying fitness gear, supplements, and subscribing to membership in a gym.    
Is this app live on Playstore and Appstore?
Yes, the app is live on Playstore for download and will soon be available on Appstore for ios users. We are planning to launch the app fully with various giveaway schemes by the end of this month. After we have around 100 different brands working with us, we will be able to completely update the content in the app. As of now contents aren’t properly updated.

Could you briefly explain the features this app provides to the users?
The very first feature you can utilize is that of e-commerce where one can buy products and accessories related to fitness exercises and gym workouts. Apart from that you can easily track, compare various gyms in and around your vicinity and also compare prices among them. You can also subscribe for a membership at any gym that is listed in this app very easily with a touch of a button. Users can also get the facility of undertaking online fitness training programs without even having to take a single step out of the comfort of their homes. This means not only native users but people who live abroad can also easily get these services. And for ease of payment, we have integrated various forms of online payment and are also planning to integrate Paypal for our users abroad.

What makes this app unique?
This app is the only single platform for everything related to fitness and healthy living. The app is not just for selling products but also for taking online fitness classes, yoga classes, and subscribing to gym memberships with the added feature of being able to compare prices between various gyms, search for the nearest gym in your area, and also be able to view what kind of facilities that gym provides from various types of equipment to saunas.
Not only that, users of this app can also order delicious protein riched nutritious food sets. As Fitcal is our food partner we can provide users with a complete hygienic thali or set of dishes to complement their fitness routine. And lastly, the most important point is the convenience of investing in one's health and fitness routine.

What is “Fitcal”?
Fitcal is an online-based food delivery company that has been providing various protein-rich nutritious food sets at the doorstep of its clients. They are similar to foodmandu; the only difference is that they provide healthy meals rich in protein and nutrients for those fitness freaks who are constantly craving a healthy meal. They are also our food partners and will be providing their nutritious meals to our users as well.

What benefits can the user gain from using this app?
As it is a fitness app, when you download it, you can have all kinds of fitness activities, not just products as mentioned earlier. The sheer number of features that this app holds is just enough to be a benefit in itself. We also want to assure that all our products are genuine which will benefit our clients. We will not be dealing with any counterfeit products. All our products and services will be from the properly authorized seller and service providers. So, that is the most important assurance that we can provide to our users.And of course, there needs to be ease in payment; for which we have integrated various online payment portals. 

How would the team of Healthfix describe the term “Fitness”?
Normally people assume that when we talk about fitness, it is all about presenting yourself as being clean, slim and lean, and most probably dressing up in nice clothes. But what we want people to understand is that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle. Being healthy and fit is not only about maintaining physical fitness but also considering one's mental health as well.

In your perspective why is it important to stay fit?
Fitness can help one with different things. It is safe to say that we were also not a fan of fitness at first. But after getting into the fitness routine for over 5 years we can safely say that it has made us more productive and energetic. When you are considering a fitness routine your mind gets automatically fresh as well. You’re always occupied with something which in return helps to keep your mind active and energized. This greatly helps to fight off mental health issues as well. You begin to avoid unnecessary things, food and thinking. You develop discipline and creativity which is very beneficial in our day-to-day lives.   

Is an online fitness class as effective as going to the gym itself? 
Well, it can be interpreted from different perspectives by different people. As situations and circumstances also play a huge role in determining the effectiveness of going to the gym and taking online fitness classes. When you consider people with busy schedules who have no time to go to the gym. Then in those situations, it is the best solution for maintaining a healthy workout. Doing something is better than doing nothing. But obviously going to the gym is the better option and you can take that option if you have the time. But for people who are short on time, this is the best option.  

How would the journey of developing the “Healthfix” app be described in a phrase?
“Revolutionizing fitness in Nepal.”

What advice would you like to give to the users for staying fit and healthy?
The most important advice is to stay consistent, patient, and disciplined through one's fitness journey. As the journey to better health and a fit body takes time and dedication. You won’t achieve the result overnight. So, it is a must to remain composed, calm, consistent, and patient. It's an investment in one's own body and to incur the benefits of one's investment takes time. Believe us when we say, the journey can get tough but not giving up and remaining consistent is the most disciplined way to go.