Brace Yourself! You’re about to discover the exciting, tumultuous, and ecstatic journey of Miss Earth Nepal 2016, Roshni Khatri and Miss International Nepal 2016, Barsha Lekhi. Two gorgeous and animated winners share the experience of their inspiring journey and talk about their ambitious plans for the future. 

AAfter the auditions, 19 contestants were selected for the Miss Nepal pageant from major cities around Nepal. On 8th April 2016 at Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu, 20-year-old Roshni Khatri and 22- year-old Barsha Lekhi successfully contested and bagged the coveted crowns.  

“On the final day of Miss Nepal 2016, the excitement of being on the stage conquered the nervousness of being in front of a panel of judges and the roaring sound coming from the crowd,” remembers Roshni, while Barsha says she had the same experience. Roshni says, “Having gone through several rehearsals before the finale made me comfortable on the stage, and give the ideal final speech in front of the judges, and the cheering crowd.” Lekhi adds “Thanks to the numerous rehearsals before the grand finale, my morale was high and it helped me to stand on the stage confidently, to face the judges and strive for the crown.” 

The Miss Nepal event is a highly regarded platform for many aspirants, from across the country. Thousands of participants come with the hope of getting crowned but only some make it through the selection round with their hopes high. Many contestants go through the rigorous preparation of getting modeling training to hitting the gym before applying for Miss Nepal. Some proclaim that Miss Nepal has been their childhood dream, and the only aim to pursue. But making proper use of the two months of free time after graduation was something that pushed Barsha Lekhi to go for the Miss Nepal 2016. It wasn’t her childhood dream and neither was it her aspiration. And for Lekhi, to learn and explore something new was the prime reason to embark on the Miss Nepal journey. 

Lekhi’s decision landed her the crown of Second Runner-up. But, Roshni Khatri, the First Runner- up had kept her desire locked up for many years before finally deciding 2016 as the right time for applying for the Miss Nepal pageant. “My aim was to go for Miss Nepal. I waited for the right time. Eventually, I considered 2016 to be the best time for me to apply for Miss Nepal,” says Khatri. 

Ask every successful person you know or read biographies of heroes and  you will learn that the journey to a successful endeavor begins with hardship, and sheer dedication. In the words of Mohammad Ali: “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”  This inspiring quote from former boxing World Heavyweight Champion held profound significance to these two young beauty pageant winners through their journey of Miss Nepal. 

“It was incredibly difficult at first. The training sessions came with different highs and lows. In the initiation phase, from having a hard time cooperating with other candidates to getting used to the environment was pretty intimidating,” says 20-year- old Miss Nepal 2016. Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining. “No matter what, I had to transform myself to something different from the former me. Support from family and friends came with full vigor as the training session pace geared up. With time passing by quicky, I adapted to the environment, and went on giving my best during the training period. However, training and support brought in a positive mentality, and ultimately led me to become the winner of Miss Nepal Earth 2016. “

“I almost decided to quit the training and forsake the overall beauty contest,” recalls  Miss  Nepal Earth 2016. Had it not been for my friends, I would have been regretting real hard now. This beauty pageant was the first in my life. I had many mixed feelings including whether to continue or walk on the safe bay. Everything was tough in the first week. I couldn’t get used to the schedule. It was terribly hectic; waking up at 6 in the morning to train till 6 in the evening wasn’t my cup of tea. Then from the second week I started getting comfortable. A field visit to Chitwan was a great experience and good for building of my morale. Then, after six weeks of meticulous training, I eventually went on to change from a normal girl to Miss International Nepal 2016.

On hindsight, everything seems quite easy for the beholder. The truth is; only the doer knows how it feels to take this insurmountable journey, to compete against the many competitors, and at the end of the day become the achiever of the long cherished ambition. 

Both Roshni Khatri and Barsha Lekhi learned early in their lives that resting on their laurels was never an option. These young and cheerful beauties always kept themselves motivated by doing something worthwhile instead of enjoying a normal, monotonous life. “The journey to Miss Nepal came to an end but it was never the ultimate destination; only the start of a new exciting journey.” 

Roshni embarks on her grand future plans and journeys. Representing Nepal in Miss Earth 2016, she advocates carrying out social activities. Khatri asserts “Individual preparation like grooming and training for Miss Earth has been going well, however for the project related task, I will be working jointly with the assistance of Hidden Treasure and my seniors.” Currently in the second year of her Bachelor’s degree, Khatri is determined to complete her degree while simultaneously representing Nepal in the International arena. 

After six months of scrupulous preparation for Miss International 2016, Barsha will be representing her nation in the world’s stage. “Though I have only six months, I admit I have not made any plans for Miss International but have already started preparing mentally,” says Lekhi. After the mega Miss International event, Barsha will go on to pursue her master’s degree in environmental science. Besides, someday in the near future she wants to build an Eco School. Unlike other mainstream pre-schools in Nepal, her envisioned school will be environment friendly. Coming from an environmental background, she proclaims “I would like to introduce alternative energies, which would replace petrol and diesel by promoting electrical vehicles. We’ll make use of bio gas, rain water harvesting, and primarily resist relying on non- renewable resources and to sustain via renewable energy to run the school.“

Young, beautiful and determined, Roshni Khatri and Barsha Lekhi undoubtedly are worthy  representatives of Nepal in the Miss Earth 2016, and Miss International 2016 events. We hope their journey is successful and that they keep on dazzling with their talent and grace.