On a sultry yet breezy day, test driving Ssangyong Tivoli on the offbeat road to Pharping felt gratifying. The smoothness of the ride made me want to go on a long drive through the picturesque hills of Nepal. I think I might invest on this beautiful science. And you should know why?

At a glance

Our car is of course our pride; we cannot deny that. It is meant to flaunt but equally to comfort us. Ssangyong Tivoli, which comes from a Korean family, is a perfect fit to achieve both, because it is a dream car. It has LED front headlights and front fog lights. Tivoli has 18 diamond cut alloy wheels with graphite detailing that helps driving even on off roads. So, while we are cramped in the car with our family of eight, the ride in it is still smooth and pleasant.


The interior

Tivoli is spacious; we can fit in a maximum of about seven people. We will notice the ease especially when we are driving through, the steering body does not disturb our free bends and curves, and it has open space that comforts our leeway.

The seats of the car are comfy. I actually remember a time during the earthquake when we had slept inside our old car abandoning our house; the rubber seats were uncomfortable: which reminds me of an important question to ask when investing on a car ‘Does a Tivoli give you the comfort of your home?’ The answer would be a ‘yes,’ we can snug in those leather seats and still get a good night’s sleep.


The drive

If we do buy this car, we will definitely find reasons to drive it to the picturesque hills of Nepal because it is that smooth. In this smart car, you don’t have to worry about days when the engine is running out of petrol because it knows how to balance itself when it’s on low fuel. Tivoli has a new six speed manual transmission with six forward gears. Even if we are driving slowly, the engine won’t slurp the gasoline. The car performs at variable speed ranges with optimal fuel efficiency. There’s no problem in exchanging gears because the car is built to help transfer power smoothly through the gear changes. The speed and mileage of the engine is impressive. For me: driving to Pharping in this vehicle was entertainment in itself.


Extra features

While on the drive, we can still answer calls through Tivoli’s radio and cruise control. It has a D-cut steering wheel which allows us to pick our calls while on the drive. Just watch out for the TMI (too much information) people because when we pick the calls, everyone in the car will be able to hear us. I certainly know for a fact why I should not pick my mother’s call when I am driving with my colleagues.

Ssangyong Tivoli is compatible with Bluetooth and iPod. It has a rearview camera to help us with directions. Other features include a smart key system, luggage cover, and front washer seat.


How safe is your drive?

When you get into a big accident, engines are bound to fail; certainly this one will too when it happens. However, Tivoli comes with a lot of preparedness and safety features. It has in total seven airbags: two side airbags, one knee airbag, one driver airbag, one passenger airbag, two curtain airbags. The car has advanced seat belt systems with dual pre-tensioners, which tightens the belt to prevent injuries during accidents. Tivoli is designed for maximum safety and also monitors the functions of the tyres with its built in electronics.

The performance of the Ssangyong Tivoli justifies the price we are paying for it. Tivoli will certainly last a lifetime to make wonderful memories with it. You should invest on this science to get to the off roads of Nepal with your friends and families.


Price of Ssangyong Tivoli in Nepal is Rs. 33.66 lakh.