We live in an era where everything is done at a much faster pace. We have so much to do on a day to day basis that there is not enough time for everything. One of the chores you don’t have time for is cleaning your car which picks up a whole lot of dirt from the streets of Kathmandu. This is where services like a car wash come in handy. Kathmandu now has car washes all across the city, which has made life so much easier for car owners.

Gone are the days when you spent time and energy manually washing your car and it wasn’t an easy job either. These state-of-the-art auto-wash centers are not only helping to boost the economy of the country, but also help car owners maintain their vehicles.

Some of these auto-wash centers have become tremendously popular with car owners in Kathmandu. Express Car Wash in Gairidhara is one such center that has adopted a semi-automated auto-wash technology. On the other side of town, Umi Carwash in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur operated under Umi Group Pvt Ltd., is also very doing well. The fact that they are efficient as well as time saving has given them the edge over other car wash centers. They will do a thorough job on your vehicle in about 30 minutes to an hour.

Express Car wash, managed by Nepal Roadside Assistance (NRSA) gives your vehicle a complete clean up. They have an automatic car wash system which washes the underbody of the car thoroughly. Using higher technology, they avoid wheel alignment problems which can happen at regular car washes. The steam cleaning technology speeds up the cleaning process while at the same time they use eco-friendly chemicals. They also have a premium robotic car wash which uses eco-friendly procedures as well. Besides offering a semi-automated robotic wash, they have been using a vacuum cleaning process for the interior. Their full services include: pre-washing of the car, cleaning of foot mats, foam cleaning of car exterior, underbody wash, engine hot water/steam wash, and body liquid polishing. These services also give the customers time to do something else while the car is being cleaned and one couldn’t possibly do such a thorough job at home using a hose.

Jhamsikhel’s Umi Carwash on the other hand is a fully automated car wash center. They use the latest German technology with the help of 25 advanced sensors which will adjust to the body type of your vehicle for an efficient cleaning process. They also offer different types of packages according to the needs of the customer’s car. Clients can choose from a normal exterior wash, a carpet cleaning to Opti Coat, which is a hard ceramic coating that provides scratch resistance.

Although both these car washes use different techniques and technologies, they ensure only purified water is used in the cleaning process. Contaminated water can react with chemicals when mixed, thus leading to discoloration of the car paint. The other major benefit of having an automated car wash is that there is no risk of scratching the car. Getting your car waxed and shined is yet another job which is so much harder to do on your own. Both these car washes have automatic dryers, which saves a lot of time. An additionally service that they provide is giving your car a protective paint coating which leaves a sleek and glossy finish making the surface dust and dirt resistant for 15 days after service.

It took a while for car washes to arrive in Kathmandu, but now that they are here, they’ve set a trend and are doing extremely well since they save their clients a lot of time and effort.