A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage for perfect fine dining. It’s more than just a dining room away from home. While food definitely steals the spotlight, with guests its eager audience, it is the music, the lighting, and the decor that combine to create an ambience of comfort, intimacy, and even romance. Here are some of the best dining destinations with great ambience.

Old House Restaurant

Boasting a relaxed, authentic feel with an air of sophistication, Old House is a definitely a welcome addition of the already impressive dining portfolio in Durbarmarg. The contemporary brasserie pairs refreshingly warm décor with a menu rooted in fine French cuisine, creating a delightfully relaxed yet upscale experience.Housed in a beautifully renovated neo-colonial building, it is truly a gem among the restaurants around the location. The restaurant has two distinct sections, the outside bar, a cozy place to park in, and the aesthetically pleasinglounge, with hanging flower pots and beautiful natural light. The portions are generous and delicious, reaping the benefits of fresh ingredients. The atmosphere gives a soothing vibethat makes for a peaceful space to spend your weekendenjoying mouthwatering delicacies while you catch up with your “homies”.  Old House is one among the few restaurants that gives you a truly fine dining experience.

8 degrees

Securing quite a convenient place in Jhamsikhel, 8 degrees is one of the easiest locations to enjoy a gathering with your family and friends. The ambience is ideal, whether you want to sit outside or grab a drink at the bar. Located behind the bar is acontemporary warm interior that makes you completely loosen up and slouch on the comfy sofas. Going well beyond music, the mood lighting and contemporary art create a fine dining atmosphere. The chefs produce plates of delicious food, and a must try is definitely the Pork Teriyaki, a burst of juicy flavors that keeps you wanting for more. Jhamsikhel has so many tremendous restaurant experiences that just picking one can be daunting. However, you can never go wrong with 8 degrees.

Le Sherpa

Having earned its reputation for high quality international cuisine, Le Sherpa is full of surprises. Crispy white cotton table cloths, a nice glass of red wine glinting in the light, and a dish of well-prepared steak with a vegetable or two awaits as you enter their restaurant overlooking the garden. It’s all about the atmosphere. The ambience is pristine and makes you want to come back again and again. The main driving force behind their high reputation is their cuisine being rooted in the quality of fresh ingredients. The result is a unique and exciting menu of contemporary plating that sets them apart. I believe it’s the creativity, freshness, and exquisite flavorsthat keep their guests coming back! Matching the décor brightness to outside light makes the environment relaxed and natural. Tailored to the customer’s need, Le Sherpa is definitely spot-on.