A 22-year-old family business that began as wedding car decorators has now evolved into and is widely recognized as grand wedding planners. Efficiently run by two sisters, Shweta Pradhan and Nikita Pradhan, Clover Wedding and Event is one of the most popular wedding planners in town. Starting as a flower shop named Clover wif, they gradually developed into a Wedding Event Management Company. For the last seven years they have been helping their clients enjoy a day of love and remembrance. Unlike in the past when everything was based on the traditional way of ceremony, weddings these days have become more of a fashionable event and not just a family affair.

Pioneers in the flower shop business in Nepal, Clover wif was also engaged in organizing wedding events side by side. Now the company takes complete responsibility through the entire wedding day so that you and your family can celebrate this day with no stress at all.  Every service that is needed for a perfect wedding is provided by them: Wedding cars, wedding band, horse cart, stage decoration, catering, photographer or dreamy venues.

Adapting to every change that has occurred in the past years, Clover Events are serving the to-be-weds and turning their dream wedding into reality. There was a time when the focus was in simple things such as garlands, simple music while the entrance of the bride had no impact like they do today. But with the influence of western culture which is rapidly being adapted, the attention has been given to the fun side such as the grand entrance of the bride, smoke bomb at the reception with remixes enlivening each day. Weddings are today more extravagant and enjoyable for everyone, focusing on having fun rather than dwelling on the sadness of the bride leaving home.

Hence to make the best day of your life successful, Clover Wedding and Events is moving rapidly towards a vision to offer a suitcase full of memories for the bride and groom and their families. In the future they look forward to becoming an "All in One" wedding organization by adding more services for their clients including dresses, jewelries and make-up.