Gadgets are not only the lifeblood of consumers in the technology industry today, but they also have the power to boost efficiency and productivity in the work place. We’ve seen some ridiculously awesome gadgets and gears in the last five years; some completely innovative while some have simply been improvised from existing technology. And some of them are best suited for corporate people. From smart watches that bring 4G cellular connectivity for calls and messages to USB flash drives that cannot be hacked which obviously saves your files from hackers, 2019 has it all stacked up for people looking for efficiency, connectivity and productivity at work. Irrespective of how much you love your job, spending 40 hours a week or more in the office is still a painful routine without some cool office stuff to keep you entertained.


Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Fitbit, Fossil present a wide range of options when it comes to smart watches, and it all depends upon what you need it for. For corporate people, a smart watch would definitely be a smart choice. The wearers get to use apps that improve facets of both their businesses and personal lives. With a smart watch, users can specify how they want to receive business and personal communications through calls and emails while they can select parties or none. Calendars, maps, GPS, music player, reminder, translator, memos are all there in your wearable device.


Travel is integral to the corporate world and obviously, they need the internet wherever they go. If you are a business traveler, a wireless router is mandatory, since looking around for Wi-Fi connections wherever you go would lead to precious time being wasted. If confidentiality is an important consideration, you may want to look for a router that has strong, built-in internal security. It may even be a good idea to choose a router that offers a VPN option to make sure your connection is as secure as possible.





The idea of having a smart Personal “person” Assistant has now changed, thanks to the idea of AI Assistance. The idea of AI has also shifted from robots to voice control devices that follow your commands. From entertaining by playing songs, reading audio books, helping business people stay organized by setting alarms and reminders, to making video calls and telling jokes, the voice control AIs do it all. And the best part is you don’t need to pay them every month!




We all love portable things as they give us more freedom to multitask on the go. For business people for whom traveling is a part of their job, instead of carrying heavy, bulky laptops, portable monitors could be a better option. The additional screens allow you to do more and be more productive while using your computer or laptop. Office tech like multi screens were previously limited to desktop setups but with more and more people working on their laptops even within the office, portable laptop monitors are becoming more popular. There are various sizes and resolutions available, and these monitors are designed to be compatible with most laptop brands and operating software.