Research by psychologists time and again have proved that clutter in your work space or surroundings could lead to clutter in your mind, which leaves you disoriented and unable to reach your goals. So, create a clutter free environment. Here are four easy and cheap room decor DIYs to help you keep your room organized, trendy and filled with color.


Painting may not help you organize your room. But it certainly gives a new look to plain and boring objects lying around. Moreover, vibrant colors create positive vibes and keep you energized.
By paint, it doesn’t mean re- paint your whole room; that would be tedious and expensive. But if you want, you can of course do it. You can paint your drawers and a few tiny furniture. Make sure to use a primer before you start painting. Also use masking tape to protect the edges of your furniture and a large spread to protect your floor.

The Sand Trick

The sand trick is one of my favorite home decor DIY which not only adds color and helps you organize your room, but is fun doing it as well. For this you will need white sand, water color and a container, preferably a glass container. If you cannot find white sand anywhere, don’t worry, you can use salt. 
We begin the amazing sand DIY by adding color to the sand. However if you add color directly it creates quite an ugly texture, so mix the color with a spoon or two of water. Then pour the sand into the container, and it is up to you to decide whether you want a single or multiple colors. The sand you poured into the container serves as a holder for any object you want to put in it. You can put your make up brushes, eye liners or pens and they will all stand upright.


Hangers are the most useful tools for an organized room. It utilizes your wall and saves a lot of space in your cupboard or desk. Clothes hanging all over your room would definitely look very messy, but there are certain things like jewelry, bags and keys that can hang with glamour on your wall.
For a jewelry or key hanger, you need a cardboard or a wooden plank which will work as your display board. You can either paint it or paste a fabric on it and then paint over it. You can search for your own set of colors or patterns according to your choice. After you are done with painting, make sure it is dry and then start hammering small pins on it to hang your jewelry or keys. If you want you can also paint the pins before hammering them in. Here you can put your keys and jewelry on display which not only saves space but also acts as a show piece. However, make sure to choose the pins and cardboards according to the weight of your jewelry or keys.
For bags, it’s simple; either you can buy a few hangers or hammer some pins onto the walls. Leave enough space for your bags so that it doesn’t look cluttered. And now, you can put all your bags on show. And believe me, it does look elegant.

Accessory  Tray

Accessory Trays can be pretty expensive. But if you want an accessory tray with steps, unless you’re rich, its way out of your league. However, if you want one and don’t have it, it is super easy to make.
All you need are three plates: large, medium and small. Paint them using a spray paint or any other type of paint you would prefer. These are going to be your three trays. Now make a tower of trays using candlesticks. Use a hot glue gun to attach your plates to the candlestick. Now you’ve got your accessory tray in the form of a stand.

Welcome to a renovated clutter free room!