A fitness enthusiast, Megha Pradhan has a passion for fitness that has seen her venture into different sports like boxing, Muay Thai and weight training. Besides, she’s also into modeling but her true love remains fitness.


Where did this passion for fitness come from?
It’s funny; my father was very much into watching Crime Patrol. I guess that made him feel insecure, so he put me into karate classes. I enjoyed it initially, but the problem was that guys from around the village teased me. I was a little girl, in grade seven and yet they were teasing me, it made me insecure. I discontinued karate after a year. Later I joined taekwondo, but that too I discontinued because I was not satisfied with the coaches. Finally, I heard about Boxmandu, a friend of mine had started, so I decided to join boxing. As for the gym, I joined it because of another friend who’s a fitness enthusiast herself. Right now, I am involved in boxing, weight training and Muay Thai.

Among all the physical activities you’re involved in, which one’s your favorite?
Boxing is a stress reliever for me. Whenever I am in stress, the intense cardio, it makes the stress vanish. So I’d say boxing is my favorite. I also love Muay Thai, it has slightly more freedom than boxing, since you can use other parts rather than just punches.


Dividing it through a week, what does your workout look like?
I alternate between weight training and Muay Thai, three days each per week. I do boxing throughout the week. The main thing is to try not to do all three things on the same day.

Can you share your day to day routine?
Day to day routine keeps changing. Because my upper body is trained daily while boxing, I focus more on the lower body in the gym. Some days it’s glutes and chest, back and legs, legs and glutes. Basically, it depends on what body part you want to focus on and develop.

How much time do you dedicate daily to fitness?
In the gym, it takes around two hours. For boxing, it’s one and a half hours while for Muay Thai, it’s around an hour. So, my whole day is kept busy with all the fitness routines. Overall, I’d say I regularly spend around three to five hours working out.


Do you have a fitness goal or a dream physique?
Actually, I do. There’s a fitness model and youtuber named Krissy Cela. I aspire for a physique like hers. Basically I want a lean, toned body, not too bulky.
What does your regular diet look like?
I eat a lot. Because of my routine, I burn a lot of calories which gives me freedom to eat without putting on weight. But I try to eat healthy foods with protein and fiber, in a slight calorie surplus.

How hard is it to maintain a good diet using the usual Nepali ingredients?
I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but can get boring. The diet I usually consume is Nepali. I use Nepali ingredients with high calories and protein, to make it into a smoothie. So it’s not difficult. I’d say it’s more difficult for vegans to maintain a good diet especially in Nepal because the options are limited.

How do you feel after a good workout session?
After a good workout session, your body is exhausted but your mind is exhilarated. It’s so satisfying. All the stress is vented out, no space for over-thinking; it opens up your mind.

What’s your future plan?
Since I am totally into fitness, I want to take it up professionally. My plan is to go to Thailand and take professional training and get a certificate.


Cardio versus weight training; which one do you prefer: fat loss or weight loss?
Between fat loss and weight loss, I always prefer fat loss. For weight loss, you do a lot of cardio, diet control with a calorie deficit. It is effective but once you stop working out the weight can easily relapse. Fat loss is a slow process but it’s more sustainable. You have to maintain a slight calorie deficit, with weight training and mild cardio.

What is fitness for you?
Fitness for me is a getaway from over-thinking and stress. I regard mental health highly. My mental health is optimum when I am happy. And, fitness gives me happiness. It’s not just about a fit body; it’s also about a fit mind.

You’ve been into fitness for a long time, was there a time when you were low on motivation and couldn’t get back?
Definitely! I used to enjoy fitness a lot. But after Covid, there was a point where I couldn’t continue working out. My motivation was low. I tried but couldn’t see the results and my diet went haywire. There've been a lot of ups and downs in my life, and at that point I was at the lowest. I couldn’t prioritize fitness at the time. But then I told myself that I had to get back and take fitness seriously. I did that and it helped me overcome my mental health problems and get back to my best.