Drift away in Spa Day

A day at Tranquility Spa for that much needed spa time!

11 am: Steam Bath (20 minutes)

A short steam bath after a tiring day sounds tempting, and it is also beneficial to start your spa day with one. It helps your muscles relax and make it ready for massage.  It deep cleanses the skin and helps eliminate toxins. In addition, it has other health benefits such as increase in body metabolism and relief from discomforts related to asthma, allergies and arthritis and boosts the immune system.


11:30 am: Aroma therapy (90 minutes)

Since Aroma Therapy uses one or more essential oils during the procedure, they are used to relax, reduce stress and balance the body. Aroma Therapy massage is a holistic therapy popular for its treatment of mind, body and spirit. It is known for its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, speed up the healing process, cure headaches, boost cognitive performance and stimulate sleep.


1:20 pm: Shirodhara (30 minutes)

Shirodhara is a type of Ayurvedic treatment where medicated oils are poured over the forehead, which is believed to have the third eye. The name itself means flowing in the head, Shiro (head) and Dhara (flow). It relieves tension, anxiety, fatigue and relaxes the mind.

2 pm: Facial and hair spa (30 minutes)

After your mind and body are in a different state of calmness, a good facial and hair pack is enough to take you to cloud nine. A 30 minute facial will help you ease your face muscles and rejuvenate your skin. The extreme pollution of Kathmandu is harsh on the skin and hair. Make it a point to take care of your hair as well, for that healthy shine!


2:30 pm: manicure and pedicure (30 minutes)

Now that we have taken care of our mind, body, spirit, skin and hair, we cannot leave out nail care. Nail care is as important as skin care. Manicure and pedicure will not only make your nails, hands and feet look good, but will hydrate them as well.