Spruce up your home with some of the most eclectic pieces in Nepal.

Tales of Yesteryears
A place to sit and receive your esteemed guests. With intricate wood carved designs incorporated into the furniture itself, finished with the highest quality materials, your guests will be impressed by the thought and care that went into the room. Spend the day talking business or reminiscing about the days gone by. (Living Room Set - Durbar Decor)

A Regal Spot
Some days when you just need to pick yourself up, take a seat on the plush sofa. Graze your hands along the sofa like you would caress your loved one. Pretend that you are royalty and commandeer your TV from the regal spot. (Main Sofa - Durbar Decor)

A Cushion a Day Keeps the Boredom Away
Add a little spice to your everyday space with the addition of huggable cushions. They won’t judge you if you just want to snuggle and laze around. (Living Room Set – Tattva Furnishings)

A Cozy Spot
After a hard day’s work, take a break and relax on your sofa with a glass of beer. You will feel like you’re walking on clouds but it’s really just a carpet. (Living Room Set – Tattva Furnishings)