Gone are the days when grooming for men included nothing more than face shaving, a bath and well-ironed clothes. Nepali men who once believed that a man has to be rough and tough are now accepting the importance of looking well-groomed and are following a proper grooming regime.
Asif Shah is one of the few actors in the Nepali film industry who is always impeccably dressed and his sense of grooming is something that we can all aspire to. Shah spoke to Living about the importance of grooming for Nepali men and what they can do to look more presentable and desirable. Excerpts from the interview:

How important is a well-groomed look for men?
Well, it’s all about the personality. I feel everyone should be proud of their skin and take utmost care of their skin and try to feel good about themselves. Keeping long hair and a beard can look very untidy at times. I’d say that if you want to keep a beard, keep it clean, ’cause it can backfire on your personality.

Do you think Nepali men have started taking grooming seriously?
Nepali men know that there are different product lines created especially for them. The awareness level has increased lately. However, they’re still not that careful with the products that they use.

How long has it been since you got interested in keeping a beard?
(Laughs) I think I’m a bearded man since forever. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a beard ever since I became an adult. However, I remember, the last time I clean shaved was when I was 25. After that, it’s just been about trimming and having that perfect shape and since then I’ve been experimenting with new looks.

Tell us about some grooming products in your cabinet?

I’ve got beard oil and a beard wash which helps me maintain my neat look. I have a daily regime of washing my face with face wash before I go to sleep and apply beard oil so that I have a fresh look the next morning. Before I go out, I apply beard wax because that provides my beard with a shiny and perfectly adjusted look. However, when I’m in a rush, I do nothing. So, it’s all about my mood I’d say.

Who or what inspires you to maintain that well-groomed look?

I don’t have any inspiration as such. My work has actually inspired me to work this way. Whenever I’ve got a shoot, I’m automatically forced to give my look a perfect balance with my beard.

Any experimental look you tried with your beard that turned out to be a hit?

Recently, my friend suggested that I have a ducktail, bearded look for my movie “Dui Rupaiya” and I feel that really went well with my face structure.

Any advice to young fashion freaks who want to maintain a well-groomed look?

Try to be yourself and don’t imitate others. It becomes easier and more comfortable for you to present yourself. This will help you gain that confidence level as well.