Grooming plays an important role in enhancing one’s personality. Good grooming and hygiene help you give a good first impression to people you meet. Many men mistakenly think that non-public grooming is for females only, but it is essential that every person, no matter what gender, look clean and well-groomed. Laxmee Thakur is one of the biggest hair salon owners in town. Having opened several hair and beauty salons all over Kathmandu and Lalitpur, he is known for his exceptional hair cutting techniques for both men and women. Here are some important tips from the expert himself:

“It is extremely important to make sure that men cut their hair between two to three weeks from their last hair cut since we grow an inch of hair every month. So it is really important to get a trim every fifteen days. One must also make sure you know what hair product works for you,” says Laxmee.

Hair products for men have become a bit more confusing since the time of old Brylcreem that your dad may have used. Thus it is really important to make sure you know what each product that you use is for. Thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes and promades, however, if your hair is thinner, then lighter products and sprays will give your hair some staying power. As Laxmee advises, “It is always important to consult your barber before using any hair products. He or she has been working on the same hair, thus can give you a better recommendation about what product you should use.”

Facial hair is as important as the hair on top of your head. However, men usually do not take much time to maintain their beards. Lately many of the younger generation have been keeping a beard, which has become fashionable. Laxmee gives another important tip on beard maintenance: “Beards are one thing men overlook. It is really important to keep your beard clean and hygienic. So I would suggest most of my clients who have beards to come for a trim about every ten days.” This tip is for all men who are trying to grow and maintain their beard in a healthy way. “Before growing a beard it is really important to know if it will suit your face or not. Not all men look good with a beard, thus they should really know their face shape and then decide if a beard will look good on them,” he adds.

To maintain a neat and tidy beard, one should know what products are good for you. Thakur informs, “To grow your beard or keep it properly groomed, you should use beard shampoo, beard oil and beard wax. These three products will make your beard healthy and elegant at the same time. Ultimately, all men should make it a point to visit the barber regularly, use the right products, and wash their beards with the necessary essentials.