Now that our homes have also become our workspaces and work-from-home often means living at work, the desk, the walls and other spaces are calling for some special attention. Is it a housewarming party or a special occasion when you decided to gift a home décor gift set to a special one? Well, whatever your need is, at Studio Nilaya, you will get fabulous selections for home décor gifts to shop online and surprise your near and dear ones. With products that are as functional as they’re beautiful, Studio Nilaya is a one-stop shop with a wide range of uniquely designed, quality products to suit all home decor styles. 


Eishana Shah, Director of COMO Nepal (a franchise from the Como India team based in Goa, which is a one-stop destination for all things high-fashion) and Studio Nilaya (a one-stop shop for personally curated home decor goods) has been on a mission to jazz up the way Kathmandu lives with her venture. Studied fashion marketing & management and then went on to study styling and photography, Eishana says, “Studying in Europe opened me up to not only fashion, but art and design as well, which helped me to open both Studio Nilaya and COMO.”


What is Studio Nilaya all about?
Studio Nilaya is a one stop shop for personally curated home decor goods. Every piece is handpicked for elegance, functionality and exclusivity. At Studio Nilaya, we prefer quality to bulk, giving our clients access to exclusive and unique pieces. You never know how the other person will feel if you give them home decor items! Will they feel awkward about their current style? Or, would they be pleased? Too many doubts arising within, right? Well, do not worry. Our team at Studio Nilaya is here to assist through the process. So, the key point is to not just think about decoration. Yes, you heard it right. It is to choose items that can be put to use for their utility or function, too. Such items will bring a smile to their faces when they see it.

What was the idea behind Studio Nilaya?
We recognized that there weren’t many places to buy quality home decor pieces in Kathmandu. There wasn’t a shop where one could go and pick up a special gift for loved ones, birthdays, weddings or any other functions. We wanted to ease up our clients time and energy by providing any and all gifting items under one roof, be it fashion, decor or art. 

How do you think the gifting culture has changed in the past few years in Nepal?
As social beings, gifting is a way to emotionally connect with others as we express feelings of love and gratitude. Gifting culture is slowly evolving into a trend in Nepal. Earlier the newly weds were showered with unwanted silver frames and such repetitive, common items which would just go unappreciated or remain unused. I think the whole experience has shifted to a more meaningful and personal experience for both the giver and the receiver. 

Is there a specific product that would be best suited to be gifted at a wedding ?
Personally, I feel that gifting something should have meaning to the receiver, something that they not only use on a daily basis, but something that evokes a good memory or a feeling.  Studio Nilaya has started a wedding registry so that the bride and the groom can select their own gifts. And their wedding guests can just stop by and pick any from that selection and avoid repeating gifts. Gone are the days where you should just buy a thoughtless gift or just put some cash in an envelope. Now it is time to pick up gifts that will actually delight the recipient, while keeping the gift useful and practical. 

Is there a specific targeted audience for your products? 
The idea was to provide something for everybody, be it a teenager on a budget or a family building their new home. Our products range from Rs.1000 to a lakh, giving our clients enough choices to purchase anything they desire. 

Are your products locally produced or are they also imported from outside?
When we first started, we had curated and handpicked all of our items from abroad. Within a year of running, we have introduced and collaborated with a few local brands as well. We are constantly searching for brands that fit our values and aesthetics.

What kinds of products would someone gift from Studio Nilaya?
Studio Nilaya offers gifting products for all occasions and budgets. We have a wide array of decor items, ranging from simple tea cups to furniture and paintings. You can buy a candle for a colleague's birthday or buy a whole dinner set for a friend's wedding. We wanted to have something in store for every budget, occasion and taste. Focusing on quality, we offer our clients unique and exclusive gifts to choose from, for their loved ones. 


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01. NIANA SYO CANDLE (HOME FRAGRANCE) - Rs. 8793 for all set
04. OPLUM CAKE STAND- Rs. 7585 
05. LONG RECTANGLE PLATE- Rs. 1240 each
07. LEAF PLATE- Rs. 1760 each
08. PASTA PLATE- Rs. 1690 
09. TEA SET- Rs. 10,710 FOR ALL SET