Early autumn is here, signifying the start of our festive season and there is something in the air thatendows all the renewed exuberance. The soothing feel in the air gets everyone excited with the thought of our biggest festival “Dashain”. Nepal comes alive when the skies are filled with kites and streets with the overflowing crowd marching from one shop to another. For us Nepali people, festivals are an excuse to get together with our loved ones. People enjoy their vacation playing cards, eating good food and having a great timeAnd of course, in modern times, this season comes with an uneasy quietness that some of us don’t like, which is perfectly fine and many of us feel terrible for this kind of happenings. So now what?

Are your abandoning your culture and society? The answer is no. Everyone does not have the same taste, so you can take this long vacation whichyou get once a year from for busy work schedule and utilize it for yourself and find your inner peace. But, where? And how? Without much struggle or reasoning, just a few miles away from your cozy home you can find a new small hideout we call B&B. An alternative place near from your silent environment, you can find varieties of B&B.The quiet surrounding with all the necessary service that you can get into a small radius, with you and your thoughts to dwell with without any pressure of work or family matters. Enjoy the greenerywith comfortable beds to spend your peaceful nights. Many new B&B are evolving in the current scenario of Nepal where you can enjoy the mountain views, gardens, well maintained furniture with very good hospitality service. You can find various B&B’s with various things to offer, some provides you with the traditional look, some with the historic story, some with the luxurious furnishing, and some with the great mountain views. On other hand, if you are thinking of staying at a resort and some good hotels for more relaxing experience, why spend a penny which you earned with all your hard work on the big hotels and resorts where in other hand you can easily find B&B if you walk down couple of miles from your home. Have you ever stayed at a hotel where you couldn’t getanyone’s attention? This does not happen when u stay at a bed and breakfast. Instead, the humble staffs go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable and are available when you need them. It’s just like a home away from your home. The evolution of B&B in Nepal has started with the increment in the service they provide you, like WI-FI, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Massage therapy, and more. One of the best perks of staying at B&B is the included breakfast, which is a delicious home-cooked meal. As the B&B goes with Bed and Breakfast. After talking about the services and offers, also you can enjoy the decorated rooms which has their own feel. And the necessary cupboards, tables, towels, and shelves for your baggage and clothes. Many of the B&B’s in Nepal has their own and unique history to tell, don’t forget to ask the manager about it and learn some history while you relax. So, if you want to find some peace and relaxation from your daily life and gatherings, what more to expect rather than a B&B. Go and dive into your own world with just you and your Thoughts, observing the culture and people around you. While you go deeper into the ocean of your thought don’t forget to wake up and recall that you family and loved ones are waiting for you out there, beprepared to indulge with the society which is your daily life. Hide-outs are not an option it is just a small part time escape from the reality.

Walking down the gallis of Patan has never dispirited me, and I have always felt at home. For me,Patan has always been about temples, shopping for unique knick-knacks and souvenirs, and local culture. But, this time, it was a completely different experience as it was my first overnight stay at the Boutique Heritage Home. During the day, Patan is calm, inviting people to gape at its glorious buildings and historic monuments. However, soon as night falls, it takes on another form altogether with the splendid temples turning into glittering spectacles, and café and lounges inviting with their fluorescent lights. Boutique Heritage Home in central Patan became my home away from home where I experienced the charm of a traditional luxury hotel. Located within a four-minute walk from Patan Durbar Square, building housing the Boutique Heritage Home is at least 200-year-old. This four-storey house has been passionately renovated to ensure that the guests experience the authentic life of the Nepali people and enjoy the best of facilities while tucked away in an oasis far from the polluted air of the surrounding areas. First impressions however can be deceiving and you might feel differently after you actually get into the BnB. When you enter through its wooden main door the place may not seem like a hotel but a simple house with traditional Newari architectural. However, nothing could compare with the luxury of ancient Nepali beddings and a cozy quilt in a beautiful room with natural wooden floors, wooden ceiling and doormats made of straw. You will feel like staying here forever. Welcoming Outdoors As we walk through the gateway, we see the lush green garden, neatly manicured and beautifully decorated with a small seating area and colorful blossoms engulfed in a tranquil ambience. Soon welcomed by Naveen dai’s gratifying smile, we had a short chat in the garden enjoying a creamy cup of cappuccino. The decorative lights, the well arranged chairs and the fresh breeze blowing was where I spent my nights getting engrossed in enjoyable conversation with my friends. You might just get used to the serenity of the garden forcing you to come back again to revive beautiful memories. Interior The ambience inside was just as rich as the outside, but with a tinge of contemporary style. At first glance, I could sense how every nook and cranny was given proper attention - from the staircase to aesthetically engraved showcases and the Nepali style flooring. The modern touch in the room along with the same rich vibe of Nepali culture gives you a sense of being encapsulated in time. Boutique Heritage Home is the only hotel in Patan with 17 luxurious spaces with a bar. The establishment offers three serviced apartments, one Junior Suite on the top floor with a terrace, three spacious King’s Suites, two King’s Rooms, three King Suite deluxe, three Queen rooms, one King’s Studio Suite Room, two single rooms and one bedroom apartment. All of these elegantly furnished rooms come with amenities like modern bathrooms, 24-hr solar heated water, bed warmer and back-up electricity. Each room exudes a unique vibe with a cozy setting. Wining and Dining For me, the night was the best part at the BnB. The stone steps leading to the garden gracefully lit with lanterns make the atmosphere charming. Lounging in the garden which was sparkling with fluorescent lights for our dinner made the setting and the vibe more beguiling. With enough space, the shed is a perfect space to have dinner with your family and friends enjoying an interesting conversation. The thakali khana set along with the wine was one of my best dinners I’ve had and what made it so appealing were the electric candles on the dinner table, mood-lit surrounding, glittering sky and the intricate architecture.

The hotel also serves an appetizing breakfast which includes fresh brown bread, peanut butter with cheese, eggs, juice, sausages and bacon. The outstanding breakfast is perfect for those who want a taste of organic food. This lavish breakfast will certainly keep you full throughout the day. Service The excellent service and attention from the courteous staff of Boutique Heritage Home is something one cannot forget. Small things like bringing a blanket to a guest lying down in the garden at 11 pm without him asking for it, shows how much they care for the guests. Guests wererequested to walk carefully on the staircase to ensure safety. Just a single call at 5 am in the morning for the toothpaste and one of the hotel employees comes knocking at my door after a couple of minutes. This gesture really impressed me and made me realize that no matter how luxurious the place is it only becomes memorable because of the hospitality. Pampering customers with luxury, warm hospitality, and scrumptious breakfast since 2015, Boutique Heritage Hotel certainly stands out from the rest of the Bed and Breakfast places in Patan. A seamless blend of luxury and beauty, the hotel redefines Nepali culture with comfort in its elegant and simplest form.