Rain can transform its imagery into anything. But for book lovers, it is like a quiet friend that simply likes to keep you company.

I like to think that most books were written as it rained outside the author’s window. After all, the rain makes quite the muse. It can perfectly turn into a metaphor for any emotion from melancholy, loneliness and grievance to even relief or purity. It brings out the strongest sense of nostalgia. Memories, some bitter and some sweet but just like the rain, are still very necessary to quench an unexpected thirst. 

And contrast seems to get accentuated when it rains. Any color set against the dark grey of the sky suddenly seems to give the colors a deeper tone, exposing details on objects that you’ve never really noticed before. Objects suddenly seem to stand out in the pouring rain. 
And maybe it is the same mood that makes it so much easier to dive into a fictional world. Rainy days are meant for lying cozily in one’s bed by the window with a good book while sipping a warm cup of coffee. The chilly weather demands a hot cup of coffee. And the constant pitter patter of the rain makes for the perfect background music, completing the entire experience. More than relaxation, reading when it rains is a ritual. There is just something about rainy days that yell out that it’s time to stay home and read your favorite book. 

The cold breeze that blows occasionally reminds you to pull your blanket closer, to sip that coffee before it gets cold. The monotonous rain makes you feel the loneliness and makes you somewhat vulnerable, but all these emotions just add to the magic that rainy days are and you dive deeper into your book. As though in a meditative trance, you begin to imagine all the scenes, hearing the author’s voice narrating the story; the images from the book becoming a clearer picture in your mind. These are the days you long for. 

As the day goes by, you don’t realize that the heavy rain has slowed down into a light shower. The sky still carries grey clouds but they’re more distant now. It’s late afternoon and the sun lazily begins to reappear to provide the last rays of sunlight for the day. You hazily look up from your book at a world that looks brighter as though it had quenched its longing thirst from all through the winter. 

And so rainy days have become a favorite for book lovers. It’s the romanticism that the weather evokes. Rain is an enchantress; It triggers, it hypnotizes and it soothes. It’s the silent friend who doesn’t mind staying quietly next to you as you read. It just wants to keep you company.