Living celebrates its decade of success of introducing lifestyle journalism in the country.

“All life is an experiment. The more you experiment the better life gets”— This is exactly what Living has been doing. It has been presenting its readers with different ideas and notions..  Although for some, the concepts might be bizarre or unexpected, but everyone agrees upon one thing— Living always creates a wave of curiosity.

For a more than a decade, the magazine has been publishing a variety of articles and photographs that portray high-end lifestyle. Now, as it is crossing a milestone, there are a whole lot of queries. One of the most frequently asked questions is— How did Living start and survive for so long in a field which was considered foreign in the journalism spectrum of Nepal?

In 2007, when it started the journey, there was no urban lifestyle magazine. There was ECS Nepal (considered to be the elder-sister magazine of Living), but that was more of a cultural magazine, which portrayed the art, and culture of our country. There was indeed no publication or magazine that focused solely on the modern lifestyle of Nepal.

It was a time of transition where there was a lot of political discourse and all conversations were centered on it.  The ECS team felt that it was the time to introduce a magazine, which would focus on the contemporary culture of Nepal. Technology had started gaining importance through social media and the world was becoming a smaller place. We were introduced to new lifestyle options that weren’t a part of our society. This is what Living exemplified and featured in the articles and photographs. The idea was to create a vortex of tech, fashion and design where the readers could discover and explore new things. People were slowly getting used to the idea of retail shopping with big brands coming in, eating out as many restaurants serving different cuisines started opening up and travelling abroad. Hence Living used this as an opportunity to push these concepts in the Nepali society.


One very good example of how Living grasped the opportunity to showcase the contemporary culture was through its coffee edition in xxx. Coffee was becoming very popular in our tea favoured country with cozy little coffee shops popping up everywhere in the city.  As the team wanted to promote this upcoming culture, they did a special edition that centered on coffee. This gave the audience the idea about that coffee was not only a beverage but an important part of social settings as well. It definitely set the benchmark for magazine; it became a memorable edition both for the team as well as the readers. Hence, Living began to gain popularity as the youth could relate to the articles that were featured.

The first commercial issue of Living to hit the stands was in August 2007. It was a spa themed edition. The spa culture was beginning to spread with luxury spas offering a host of special treatments and the team wanted to reflect how it was slowly becoming a part of our Nepali lifestyle. Through various articles, they unfolded the kinds of treatments and facilities, benefits and many more aspects of enjoying a day at the spa.  However through this edition not only the readers but also many professionals were benefitted. For instance, the idea of conceptual photography was introduced, where various thematic photo shoots were done. It created an opportunity for a lot of young entrepreneurs to show their talents as well. “Print advertisement was very expensive at that time, so the idea of placing advertisements in magazines turned out to be beneficial for them.

“If I remember, I was featured sometime in 2008 summer issue and that’s how I started my career. Living was also just beginning. It’s from then I’ve watched the magazine transform itself as one of the best magazines in the country. Presently, it is no doubt the best lifestyle focused magazine and has always been consistent in its quality. I expect that it continues to be the market leader and include more better contents in the coming years,” says Asmi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2016.

Similarly Raveena Desraj Joshi, ADCEO at Mega Bank Nepal shares“The evolution of ECS Living as I’ve witnessed so far is really appreciable. I’m an avid reader and Living is one of the magazines I read regularly.  I find the wide range of topics that the magazine covers and the choice of stories really impressive.”

Amongst the many aspects of lifestyle that Living covers, one of the major features of the magazine is the Fashion and style segment. As Fashion and style are undoubtedly a part of everyone’s lifestyle, in one way or the other, Living has created a platform for aspiring models, make-up artists and designers to showcase their talents. Through high quality photographs it has definitely set a benchmark in the fashion industry.

“Since I’ve landed in Nepal, I’ve always seen Living magazine as one of the leading magazines in the country. Living has included all the areas: Entertainment, Fashion, Gadgets, Celebrity and many other interesting topics. We can also call the magazine to be a complete package of every aspect,” says Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, Fashion Designer.

The magazine has been home to many creative minds. It has given a space for writers to express their thoughts freely and photographers to showcase their work. The team has always cherished creative writers and helps their work to reach out to its readers.  

Thus, Living is the pioneer magazine that has displayed the true meaning of lifestyle journalism in Nepal.  Our magazine aims to portray Nepal’s contemporary culture at the same time create social awareness leading to a more conscious way of living.

“The magazine is growing way too good through these years and I find the content to be more interesting. I’ve seen different talented artists and designers collaborating with Living, which has made it to be locally renowned and uplift the standard. The magazine giving the opportunity to young talents to come in the cover picture is worth appraising and this is what I love the most about Living. I feel there is more space for art industry in the magazine and I expect that the magazine focuses on the same in the upcoming years,” shares Saruk Tamrakar, Actor.


P.S: We strive to do something different every time but it’s not easy; despite all the hard work, sweat and tears, sometimes we fail. But again we stand up and next time it’s always bigger and better.