How long have you been in this profession?

It’s been four years since I got into this profession.

What is the best thing about this job and how did you get into it?

From the very start it was my passion. I was always diverted towards the glamour sector. Since my childhood I would always engage in this practice, be it on my aunt’s face or my mother’s. I started doing makeup for myself too.

Were you sure that you would take up this profession?

I wasn’t certain that I would take make-up as a profession. But the support that I got from my friends is what pushed me towards this job.

Where do you keep yourself updated about new trends?

YouTube is my savior.

How did you first get recognized as a makeup artist?

People started recognizing me from my social media. I was getting booked for bridal makeup. In my time there was no such hype about makeup and there was a shortage of genuine products in the market. But even then the idea of doing makeup kept me going.

How is it now?

Now, I’m a full time makeup artist.

How has the sector of makeup flourished in Nepal?

It’s been about one or two years since the craze for makeup started. All age groups love makeup and keep themselves updated on the idea of makeup. There has been a trend of getting makeup done for all types of special occasions. Makeup is quite expensive, yet people are happy to pay the high fees charged.

What was your first ever professional assignment as a makeup artist?

Khusbu Gauchan, who is a former Vlogger for her TGIF shoot.

What do you think are the virtues that have to be acquired in order to be better at this job?

The three virtues that have to be acquired in order to be better at anything are time, patience and practice.

In what part of your makeup routine should most of your time and money be invested?

You should invest in skin products rather than makeup, because the base for your artwork is your face and that should be better than what you are layering.

What are your tips to getting a perfect face done?

The tips I would like to give: have a fairly good skin, good tools, good blending technique and good products.

What do you think sets your idea of makeup apart?

I believe in enhancing the already existing features of the person rather than totally redefining their facial structures.

Any makeup tips for this winter?

The winter makeup tips I would like to share are: moisturize your skin before makeup, keep your skin hydrated, use translucent powder that has minimum coverage, usage of compact should be minimum and keep make up minimal because more layers will cause flaky skin. Go for more of a dewy look.