Many families have at least one member who regularly takes part in some form of meditation be it your mother, grandmother, father or uncle. And meditation is a great way to live a healthy and happy life, but leaving everything behind is not something we can even think of doing. Neerav, currently known as Swami Atmo Neerav did something not everyone can do. Born to a family of Osho admirers, Neerav was always around this idea but didn't really care for it as a kid. His parents used to listen to Osho's audio tapes and admired his perspective on life. 
Neerav remembers his childhood when he used to visit the fairs held in Tapoban. As a kid the ice cream stalls and the various delicious foods there peaked his interest. Neerav specifically remembers the pizza from the restaurant they had in Tapoban and claims it was the best pizza he had in Kathmandu. It wasn't just the food that attracted his young mind though, he still remembers seeing the beautiful koi pond of Tapoban as a child.

Growing up, he initially worked in the media industry as a teenager who had recently broken out into the real world. Neerav joined the Kantipur team and started working there while finishing his A Levels. Working as a video jockey on an original reality television show, he even modeled a little for the City Post. Quite innocent at the time, he didn't know that the show he was working on broke out into the city and created a buzz among the younger generation. He believes he never truly got the taste of fame, but is still glad with the outcome as it kept him grounded and led him to where he was supposed to be. While all of this was happening, his parents suddenly asked him if he wanted to go to a meditation retreat; he was a bit taken aback. He was a little concerned as he started wondering if his parents saw him as a lost cause However, he went along as it was around the time of Dashain and his rebellious self didn't want to celebrate Dashain.
His first experience in spirituality was the evening session when he walked into a room full of people playing crazy music and people jumping and dancing to the music. His instincts took over and he joined them. He didn't stop to think or analyse the situation; he just started dancing like crazy and jumping like everyone else in the room. He turned off all his thoughts and let the body take full control and this felt like coming home to him. This experience stuck with him and he enjoyed the rest of the retreat and when he left the ashram he left with a changed perspective on life. Going back to his normal life after that experience did not sit all that well with him. One day, after his final shoot at Hyatt, he ran off to the ashram without telling anyone and got initiated officially. Swami Anand Arun took him under his wing. His first task at the time was to translate a book, Santa Darshan by Swami Anand Arun, but he wasn’t limited to this task as he helped around the ashram wherever he could.

After three years in the ashram, Neerav decided to leave for a better life as he started to miss his old lifestyle. He joined his father’s business in renewable energy and worked for a year. But he always felt this wasn’t the thing he was supposed to be doing. As that didn't work out around that time, there was an online modelling competition being held by the United Colours of Benetton called ‘It’s My Time’. he ended up winning from Nepal and represented the country in this event and even came in the top 100 in the world. After the event was over and he was living his good life, a director from Europe came looking for him. The director called Neerav at The Kathmandu Guest House and told him he wanted to cast him in a movie as the lead role and even handed him the script. Neerav had never seen this scale of professionalism here in Nepal and enthusiastically agreed to work on the film. He started theater training at Studio 7 plays at the Vajra Hotel. He did many plays in his time there and shared the lead roles of the plays with Karma Shakya. The show got great reviews and attracted the attention of the media and Neerav was once again in the spotlight. He also worked on another play funded by the American Embassy called “Ah! Wilderness” for an event on the Fourth of July. When it was time to shoot the movie his spiritual mentor Swami Anand Arun called him back to work as his secretary at his international office. He couldn't say no to his teacher so he decided to drop everything and go to the ashram.
Neerav believes this was his true calling. As much as he tried to go and live a different life, the spiritual world pulled him back even harder. He now goes by the name Swami Aatmo Neerav, given by his guru when he was first initiated, and is currently guiding others through the world of spirituality. He currently facilitates meditation programs called Ahlaad Retreats at Tapoban and also conducts retreats on an international platform. He believes that Osho provides a more honest and open look on spirituality; something that other spiritual practices cannot provide. On the international platform some of his famous students include Hollywood actors and actresses, award-winning filmakers and producers and also people from the Nepali glamour industry. Neerav is currently also helping to write two books by his mentor Swami Anand Arun while juggling with other works at the ashram and his retreats. He is also currently working on organizing international retreats and wants to keep supporting Swami Anand Arun in growing Tapoban as an international hub for spirituality and meditation and as a home for seekers from around the world.