Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi


Ayushman comes off as a guy you can chill with, day in and day out and never get bored. This easygoing persona of his seems to be forged into his personal style as he wears clothes that are not just “in”, but also sits well with his body. In his own words, “Comfort is paramount because that exudes confidence. Just because someone looks good in a certain attire doesn’t always mean you’d look good in them, too. Above all, wear what’s comfortable and know what really suits you the most.” With a striking height of six foot one, there are days Joshi likes to kick back and relax in comfy tracks and a tee. Having a special kinship with the color black and a natural flair for accessorizing, Ayushman can be seen around town in a simple T-shirt and folded jeans; while when the occasion asks for it, he kills it with a dark suit, well-tailored smart trousers and a good shirt; and if need be, he throws in an overcoat. With a loyal band of followers observing (and mimicking) his style, you can see why he ended up in our Stylish List this year.

Lemii Tamang

Makeup Artist/Model

Although Lemii doesn’t like to call herself stylish, whatever she dresses up in looks good on her and she looks sleek. Body-con dresses, long skirts, pencil skirts with pumps and a nice top, heels, a nice trench coat, a nice slim-fit pair of jeans are some of her staples. Obsessed with ‘good smells’ and heels, Lemii is fond of collecting shoes and perfumes. She doesn’t believe that one has to buy all those designer clothes to look good, because for her, it is all about how you carry yourself in the end.

 Jyotsna Yogi


Style for Jyotsna is what identifies an individual’s preferences in portraying himself/herself. While comfort is a major weigh-in, Jyotsna’s style leans more towards tomboyish attire than a girly affair. In any given day, she can be found wearing black tights with a colorful crop top, a pair of Vans, a small slingback and her nerdy prescribed glasses. But for any style event, she brings it with a Bodycon dress, heels and a pair of eye-catching earrings. “Proper combination is the key” is the mantra she goes by, and she suggests one should pair and wear clothes that are easy on the eyes. 

Sanjay Gupta

Media Personality

Sanjay Gupta walked in, a blur of smartly tailored suit and boisterous energy, and the first thing you register is how comfortable he is in his own skin. This may well be the reason why even though he keeps it simple, he appears to be a man with infinite class. Seen mostly in black denims, a white t-shirt and Nike shoes, Sanjay believes wearing appropriate attire for any occasion is an art in itself and that is what style is for him. Following style icons like James Dean, George Clooney and Dan Bilzerian, Gupta’s most prized possession is a 1970’s Rolex Air King handed down by his grandfather reserved only for special occasions, and he owns an impressive collection of Raybans and wayfarers. This man, with his affable nature and a hearty laugh, is a good fit for this year’s most stylish list.

Bibesh Karmacharya


Bibesh’s style reflects ease and sophistication. He does not believe in flashing branded clothes just for the sake of looking good, and believes that you can appear just as stylish if you have an individual sense of style and can carry an attitude like a boss. He believes in staying fit by eating healthy and working out, as he thinks clothes look better on you when you have a fit body. Focusing on his shoes, hair, watch and the color combination of his clothes is the basic style rule he follows before leaving home. “Your personality describes you before your face does. Love what you wear and be comfortable,” says Bibesh.

 Siwangi Pradhan


Siwangi’s fashion sense has landed her on the Stylish list for another year now. Fashion bloggers like Kristina Bazan, The Native Fox, and Rows of Ruffles inspire her to blend her personality with the latest trends. Armed with a huge collection of perfumes from Chanel, Lady Million, Dolce and Gabbana and bags from Gucci, Michael Kors and Atmosphere, this fashionista styles herself each day depending on her mood and where she’s heading, wearing formal shirts and pencil skirts to face the corporate world, jumpsuits or knee-length dresses for dinner events, and by letting loose at clubs with rompers or short dresses. 

Amshu Dali

Freelance Designer/Entrepreneur

No matter what Amshu wears, it looks great on her and she looks jazzy. She knows exactly what suits her and what does not. If a certain dress does not look good on her, she doesn’t try to pull it off, regardless of how lovely or charming the dress is. For her, style is something she creates for herself according to her body type. She takes Taylor Swift as an inspiration, but she will never copy her exact style. Rather, she is able to put her own little twist to it. As much as she adores wearing heels, she prefers being comfortable so she just wears a dress and a pair of pretty flats. Although she would like to diversify the colors in her wardrobe, she generally goes for black. Fond of summer, Amshu prefer dresses in summer and leggings with a warm sweater in winter. 

Avishek K.C.

Vocalist (Underside)

When you see Avishek, you just know he’s got a cool nonchalance about his style. Dressed entirely in black, with side-swept shoulder length hair, Avishek waked in looking every bit the rockstar that he is, and shared that black is his favorite color and his wardrobe is filled with the same. Style for him is feeling confident, not being stereotypical and just doing your thing. A collector of perfumes, and Thomas Sabo and skull accessories, he feels he can wear anything to a party, as long as he feels good about it. Avishek loves his shorts, flip-flops and tank tops during the summer while the rest of the time he wears whatever he wants to and likes. ‘Being free and being yourself’ is the style principle he follows, and he lives by it.

Navaneeta Amatya

 Media Personality

Being able to dress for the occasion is the hallmark of Navaneeta’s style and stops her from being monotonous. “Being stylish doesn’t always mean bowing down to trends. Style is more about projecting your inner persona,” says the eloquent Navaneeta. Feeling most comfortable in skinny jeans and a crop top, she pairs the look with a good pair of wedges and tops it with a pair of nice earrings, an accessory she can’t do without. A muted approach to stylizing rather than going the flashy way or trying to make a statement is what Navaneeta sees as a prerequisite to her grooming regimen. “Confidence is the best accessory. Real style starts at home; you can create your own signature style.

 Supriya Tuladhar


Supriya considers herself a simple girl who wears simple tees and jeans when she’s not working. But when her work demands, she changes her get-up to dresses because she thinks they help you stand out and look smart, or if she chooses to go traditional, she picks a saree from her mother’s collection. Style for her is not only about couture clothes or trendy accessories, it is the way you carry yourself. A devoted collector of bags, Supriya owns about 150 of them, of all colors, sizes and brands. She loves to accessorize and large rings are her trademark. Taking style ideas from fashion icons like Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner, Supriya follows suit in minimal makeup and the right attitude for all wears.

Mala Limbu


Mala is without a doubt one of the fashionistas who is very confident in her clothes, hairstyles and everything else. Style for Mala, depends on her mood, occasion and the weather. She prefers a wardrobe that defines her personality, compliments her body shape and something that goes well with her skin tone.  Make-up, heels and figure hugging dress are her first picks while dressing up for a party. Navy blue, red and grey are her most loved shades, but she has more of red in her closet. She believes Angelina Jolie has a great sense of style. When asked about her special collection, she says she doesn't believe in collecting materialistic stuff,  but more of memories.

Bina Ghale


Style for Bina means ‘freedom to be herself’.  She’s into urban fashion while at work. Similarly during various occasions you’ll see a different side of her. Keeping comfort in mind, she likes to experiment with different combinations of style. She doesn’t have one favorite color but rather likes to go with the occasion, season, trend and her mood of the day. She has a special collection of fragrances in her drawer, more of D&G, Prada and Gucci. And you’ll see a variety of loafers and boyfriend shoes in her daily looks. 

Shreya Joshi

Freelance Artist

From t-shirt designs to painting murals on a wall, Shreya has made a name for herself in the art world with her elaborate canvas artwork. When asked what style was for her, she puts it simply as an expression and confidence in being yourself and quotes Edna Woolman Chase, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Shreya strikes you as a person with a quirky sense of style. She explains that following trends is not for her; she picks only those clothes that flatter her shape, while comfort is always a huge factor to consider while picking garments. Often spotted in skinny jeans, Joshi’s wardrobe is dominated by pinks and blacks. Believing that accessories are the icing to top off any look, she never forgets to accessorize: whether she’s in a pair of jeans or wearing a dress. “With the right accessories, even the most banal outfit can turn into something very stylish,” she says. An avid collector of perfumes and all kinds of accessories and following Catherine Belle’s fashion savvy on Instagram, Shreya stresses on the importance and joys of shopping!

Raymond Das Shrestha


When Raymond Das Shrestha describes style, he not only alludes to the most recent trends or the most popular designers, but also to an individual’s character. Style is an attitude for him that must depict his identity. Not a brand enthusiast, he just wears what he likes and is comfortable in. If it is for a party or gathering, he is more inclined to go for a decent white shirt, a formal dark coat, pair of jeans and boots. He has a good collection of trendy boots. Despite the fact that green is his favorite shade, black and white is his first option while sprucing up.

Sadhana Limbu


If you really ask what’s so stylish about Sadhana, it is probably the signature look she tries to maintain. Style for her is a reflection of her personality, to convey to the world who she is. She usually prefers wearing clothes that flatter her body; something subtle with a hint of both official sophistication and ease. A lovely maroon pleated peplum mini dress from Lanvin, simple yet intricately designed shawl gifted by her mom, a red traditional poncho from Spain, Vivienne Westwood cape sleeve coat with Dhaka prints, a pair of low-heeled Mary Jane shoes from Prague and a new pair of hunter wellies are some of her favorites. 


Sujan Shrestha

Tone Music Store

For Sujan, style is all about finding comfort in clothes you wear and carrying them off with the right attitude. Bikrant Shrestha, whom he considers a brother and mentor and who plays for the band Underside, inspires Sujan. With a fondness for casual wear, Shrestha can usually be found around town sporting his usual look: a pair of jeans and sneakers, coupled with a plain tee and/or a shirt, and a Tissot watch on his wrist. With a collection of shirts and blue jeans stacked in his closet, he usually throws in a pair of loafers for special events, and he’s good to go.

Sweta Sirohiya Rokka


A no- makeup look, a super confident poise and a genuine smile that reflects in her warm eyes are Sweta's style mantra. Secret admirer of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, she adores brands and has a collection of various designer clothes and accessories from her trips around the world. Her personal favorite is traditional wear like nice designer sarees from her own store Panache Runway. Or if it’s a corporate event she would undoubtedly go with a classy formal coat with a belt and a shoe. Anything Sweta chooses to wear gives her a very strong premium image.