Since the hit maker Bryan Adams performed in Kathmandu, a few years back, other big names in music have followed in his footsteps. They have been doing wonderful shows and with it providing an amazing concert experience to the Nepali audiences. 

Nepal has been enjoying the presence of international music celebrities from around the world arriving to perform here. Since the hit maker Bryan Adams performed at Dasarath Rangasala, Kathmandu, a few years back, other big names in music have followed in his footsteps. Joss Stone, Bumblefoot, Vader, Algorithm, Sixth, Decaptitated, Freak Kitchen to name a few have been here doing wonderful shows and with it providing an amazing concert experience to the Nepali audiences. We should applaud all the event organizers involved in bringing these musicians here, without whose efforts we would not have known firsthand what their concerts are like. A handful of music festivals including Jazzmandu, Silence Festival, and Nepal Music Festival have made significant contributions in this field . 

This year as well, the list of international artistes performing here has grown to some extent. A record number of internationally acclaimed musicians visited Nepal in previous years as well. But the way things are evolving in the Nepali music scene it can popularize Nepal in a different sense in this modern era. Thanks to National Geographic and Trip Advisor, Nepal seems to be on the wish list of many people including musicians.

Here is a list of some of the musicians and groups that included Nepal in their concert list.


Aristocrats must be one of the biggest musical names that came down and performed here in Nepal this year. An internationally acclaimed rock super group, Aristocrats headlined Tangalwood Music Festival this September. The band is a trio consisting of guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minneman, all renowned in their respective fields. While the band put forward a blasting set list, Aristocrats grabbed and transfixed the audience with their wonderful stage presence, showmanship and interaction with the crowd. Frequent instant musical improvisations by the band also did the trick while everyone was left amazed with the insane drum solos. 

Aristocrats is currently under the Boing! record label and are an instrumental rock band blending the sounds of neo-progressive rock and jazz fusion. The band has three studio albums, The Aristocrats, Culture Clash and Tres Caballeros. In addition to that they have also released three live albums entitled Boin, We’ll Do It Live!, Culture Clash Live! And Secret Show: Live in Osaka.

Singer songwriter, best known for his role as the front man of hard rock super group ‘Mr. Big’, Eric Martin performed an acoustic concert here in Kathmandu on the eve of 12th November. Held at Purple Haze rock bar, the evening saw around two hours of performance by Eric Martin while a few local bands opened for him doing acoustic sets. Eric Martin is world renowned  both as a solo artist and as a member of various bands. ‘To Be With You’, a song that Martin wrote during his teens became a big hit both for him and Mr. Big in the early 90s. 

Currently associated with Capitol records, Martin is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, guitar, drums and bass at times. Including many others, he has thirteen albums released from 1985 till date as a solo artist and eight studio albums with Mr. Big. In addition, he has three compilation albums and one album with The Eric Martin Band.

While the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and sang along in a number of classic hits including ‘To be with you’ and ‘Wild World’, the show ended with an encore performance; the crowd wouldn’t let them leave. He performed this show with Marcus Granberg accompanying him on guitars and backing vocals.


Skinned, a US based brutal death metal band from Colorado were here last July as a part of their Asia tour. The band performed at the major cities of Nepal including the capital Kathmandu, Pokhara and Butwal. Formed in the year 1995, the band has four full length albums released so far. Being active for more than two decades, the band has to be one of the longest running Death Metal bands throughout the world. 

Skinned is composed of Weickum on  guitar, Matt Akerman on guitar, Mike Poggione on bass, John Meyer on vocal and Jonathan Valdez on drums. A few metal bands known for their heavy metal music from Nepal including Ugra karma, Binaash, Kaal and Kings among Men performed during the shows in which Skinned headlined.

Rocket Men

Rocket Men, a jazz band from Germany is a five-piece ensemble consisting of Philipp Püschel on Trumpet and Electronics, Lasse Golz on Tenor saxophone, Valentin Mühlberger on Synth / Keys, Noah Rott on Synth / Keys and Felix Dehmel on Drums. The band were here as a part of Jazzmandu Festival 2016. The band on their own terms, takes listeners on an extra-terrestrial journey through a variety of soundscapes via musical fusion. Rocket Men, along with other musical artists and bands, performed at various venues during this year’s Jazzmandu Festival including the grand finale of the festival. The band considers their genre as Intergalactic Jazz, Drum & Space and Instrumental Voyage. They are currently involved with JazzLab records.

Ange Takats 

Former journalist turned singer, Ange Takats is said to have one of the purest voices on the Australian music scene. Beginning her musical career in Bangkok, she started collecting the stories that would weave in and out of her songs. Her worldly adventures and natural gift for storytelling have allowed Ange to develop a unique performance style – weaving lighthearted travel tales between darkly emotive songs. Ange has the ability to sing straight to the soul of any song.
She released her debut album Aniseed Tea in 2009 which was featured as ‘album of the week’ on Radio National and with it received high praise.
Ange has performed at music events across Australia including Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival (ACT), The Blue Mountains Music Festival (NSW), Fairbridge World Music Festival (WA), Cygnet Music Festival (TAS), Sydney Jewish Music Festival (NSW). She was here to perform this year at the Jazzmandu Festival 2016.

Triple Ace

Austrian Jazz band Triple Ace performed a wonderful show at the courtyard of Patan Museum in the cold evening of 9th November. The band consists of Schmidtn Schmidt on piano, Dusan Novakov on drums and Uli Langthaler on bass, all marvelous musicians, were joined in on a couple of songs by a few other artists including Rajat Rai, Prince Nepali, Mariano Abello and Ted Pilzeker. The band performed numerous songs including a number of drums and piano solos and a few jams for about two and half hours. Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory organized this event as a form of cultural exchange program through music between the both countries. Triple ace – colours in jazz have played at jazz festivals throughout Europe as well as at International Jazz Festivals in the USA, Cuba, Israel, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, Mexico, Tunesia, Ukraine and South-Africa.


As part of their Nepal and India tour, Dictated were here this year. Dictated is a death metal band from Kampen, Netherlands. Formed in 2006, this band already has two albums under their belt. The latest album ‘The Deceived’ came out in 2014 and Dictated at the moment is signed with Metal Blade Records. Dictated was started by Sonja in Utrecht, Holland, under the name Stone Squad. After a line-up change, Dictated is composed of York Keijzer on vocals, Sonja Schuringa on guitar, Yessica Otten on guitar, Koen Verstralen on bass and Frank Schilperoort on (session) drums. Dictated played a number of shows at different places including ‘Break The Wall’ concert in Kathmandu. 

While Fragments put forward an extreme progressive metal set, other notable metal acts such as Atrocity, Aakrosh, Desparate Mile also performed. The event jointly hosted by Underground Platform Nepal and Jamsthan will be working for unification of all musicians regardless of their diverse genres in future to promote the industry. 

Eman’s Conspiracy

Hard rock band from Maldives, Eman’s Conspiracy were in the capital city for this year’s Nepal Music Festival where they performed as guest artists. The band was formed in 2013 after the members had been jamming together for several years. Although a young band, Eman’s Conspiracy consists of members who are considered the most dazzling stars in the music industry of the Maldives. 

Eman’s Conspiracy is made up of Eman as lead singer, Addo on bass guitar, Aya on guitar , Jack Rebels on guitar and Hambe on Drums.  The band performed here for the second time since they visited Nepal in the previous edition of Nepal Music Festival. 

Rishab Seen

Indian sitar player Rishab Seen is considered as the first musician to bridge Indian classical music with Metal. ‘Mute The Saint’, Indian Classical - Progressive Metal band which he formed successfully covered some of the finest Metal bands of all time like Animals As Leaders and Meshugah on a Sitar. 

Rishabh, who started playing sitar at the age of ten years, has good command of the sitar. At the age of nineteen, he was mentioned as the ‘Sun of Indian Classical and Metal music’ by ‘The North-East Today’ Newspaper/Magazine (India). Rishabh also is the world’s First Indian Classical Sitar player to become an official Endorsee of one of the Biggest Amplifier Companies in global music market, ‘Laney Amplifications’. 

Born in a family of musicians, he has inherited his talent and abilities from his father and guru Pt. Manu Seen, who is an internationally renowned Sitar player of Etawah gharana, and enjoys a global reputation in the field of Indian classical music. Rishab was here in Kathmandu, opening for the Aristocrats in the Tangalwood Festival.