Hero 19th Hits FM Music Awards 2072, held at the Nepal Army Club, Sundhara, saw a few new artistes with tremendous talent that just shook the whole nation. Two of these artists have been role model for millions of music lovers. Rohit John Chettri and Bipul Chettri shared the Hits FM awards platform in various categories with their popular songs and albums. Success didn’t happen overnight for these musicians. There is always a time honored history behind a successful story. 

Bipul Chettri

“It feels nice to be honored by the fraternity and I thank Hits FM 91.2 for it. But in all honesty, I don’t know how one would judge music; it is such a subjective thing”.

Bipul Chettri won three Hits FM awards in the categories of Best Male pop vocal performance, Best pop rock composition and Rock album of the year (Sketches of Darjeling) and two nominations for Album of the year and Record of the year. With his creativity and sophistication in songs like Dadelo, Ram Sailee and the most notable ‘Syndicate’, he’s been the new sensation and already one of the most popular stars in the Nepali music scene.

Originaly from Kalimpong, Bipul resides and works in Delhi. And that’s the reason his compositions convey the aroma of his hometown.

He doubts if he is eligible yet to defend his ups and downs at this stage of his musical career as he has only been in the public scene for just a couple of years. What most people may not be aware of is that Bipul has been working on his music for the past 15 years, which he feels is undeniably the most rewarding and fulfilling part of his musical journey. So in that sense, there have been many highs and lows, but they were more personal rather than anything else. He was intensely immersed in the western classical guitar that he actually didn’t really listen or think much of other genres of music during that period of time. No one around him felt the same way as he did about this form of music, so in a sense  disillusionment crept in. Music for him is all about ‘connect’, and if that is missing, then it makes no sense. But the journey was important for him for the kind of music he was making at the time. Bipul believes that any form of music, be it serious or casual has to touch you somewhere to make it special.

Bipul has been immersed in western classical music but still his Nepali folk rock compositions are amazing and iinspired. Talking about the motivational scene on one of the turning points in his life i.e. writing Nepali music, he recalls his visit to America and how he was in the classical guitar stage during that point of time. He was standing in front of the ocean, and all that came to his mind was this Nepali expression, of the movement of the water, ‘salalala’….. This automatic manifestation of sound came out innately which got him thinking of trying his hand in writing music.It wasn’t long before his songs started trending in the social media.

Finally, it was the award winning song, ‘Syndicate’ that brought stardom to Bipul. The composition, lyrics, instrumentation are so catchy  and soulful that it makes people feel the authenticity of that particular scenario. Bipul says in their part of the world, the drivers of local jeeps and taxis are the most interesting people to talk and listen to as they have all the news and gossip of the town, be it political, social or personal. So a simple conversation with them will probably give someone so many ideas that they could write a novel based on these conversations. 

He lives and works in Delhi and goes home back to Kalimpong at least once a year. During one of his return trips, like everyone else, he visited the local ‘Syndicate’, which is a small one roomed office to buy tickets for the ride back to Siliguri to catch the train to Delhi. On the jeep ride to Siliguri, listening to the driver’s numerous stories, Bipul imagined his own simple story in his head and decided to write it down. Truly, the song is based on a single thought of a stranger waiting for his vehicle and his fantasy towards another stranger till the vehicle arrives. He is glad this song resonated with so many people as it is actually a very simple song about two strangers.

At the moment, Bipul is busy recording his follow-up album, which he plans to release soon besides doing his tours. He says, “There are so many ideas in my head for so many projects but due to the paucity of time, it is difficult to execute all of them as I also teach in a school here, which I love dearly.”

So, there is no other way than to pause for his new album. It’s always a moment of anxiety for these stars when it comes to working on upcoming pproject, that it should not let down the hordes of fans. This new generation of artists will ensure that the ethnicity of Nepali music is not lost to future generations.

Rohit John Chettri

Rohit believes the triumph of success is still a long run yet and he’s one of the demanding artistes of the new era.

Rohit won the award for Best New Artiste with his promising song ‘Bistarai Bistarai’. His non-award winning nominations in the category of Album of the year, Pop/rock album of the year, Best male pop vocal performance came alongside veteran artistes like Nhyoo Bajracharya, Nabin K Bhattarai and Robin Sharma which in itself is an immense achievement. Winning an award at this prestigious event was a cherished moment in his life. He remembers his musical journey from the narrow road from Ekantakuna towards the path of his destiny.

 It all began with his zest for music from his childhood days. Rohit was just 7 when he performed the song “Zindagiko K bharosa” by Karna Das and won a consolation prize in school. He has been playing a range of instruments from those early days. His first recorded song was “Baba mero bato vaye Aama mero ujyalo”, composed by his father, Robin J Chettri and the song went on air in Sagarmatha FM and Radio Nepal time and again in those days. 

Rohit was destined to prove himself in music. The limelight seemed too far when he used to perform at family functions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and cultural events. He even lent his voice to the ad for ‘JoJo’ noodles and some appetizing merchandise as well. His collaboration with the band ‘Derailed’ in 2007 just led to four or five song records. Thereafter, Rohit decided to seek a solo career and subsequently, he sang solo in various pubs and hotels around Jhamsikhel.

Rohit’s most popular award winning song “Bistarai Bistarai” has had a most remarkable impact in the music industry. The lyrics, composition, singing and arranging portion of the song is credited to him. People who listened to this song encouraged him to record it so finally he recorded it at Katjazz Records and released the video in September 2013. The song became so popular on social media that Rohit was in the limelight overnight. He was somehow already tied up with actress Namrata Shrestha and Soul Sister teams. When the actress revealed she wanted to cover the song, it was the next lucky charm for Rohit. He arranged the music in a slightly different mood and was recorded. The response from listeners was good. 

Rohit believes the triumph of success is still a long run yet and he’s one of the demanding artistes of the new era. He is constantly supported by family members and fortified to work harder by his circle of friends. He is a formal student of Eastern Classical as well as Western music and also imparts vocal classes to others. He already released his first album on September 26th, 2015 and is currently singing with Nepal’s legendary band 1974 A.D recording new songs and doing concerts.

Rohit is a free spirit knowing no limits of happiness. He sticks with a motto, ‘Be happy and make others happy. As an ordinary man, he believes human beings are superior to other species so we are liable to take care of every being surrounding us and as an artiste, he is committed  to working harder to make people listen to his songs recurrently in the days ahead.