K- town’s new heartthrob, a star sportsman, a blossoming entrepreneur, a visionary, and a promising new face in the modeling industry! All of them have excelled in their respective fields. Ajita Singh meets up with eight rising stars to learn about their plans for 2018.

Songs from the soul

In a short span of time, Swoopna Suman has built up a massive fan following. Some even call him the ‘Justin Beiber’ of Nepal. He is a passionate, dedicated and hard-working musician. Some of his greatest hits include Kasari bhanu and Kunai din 

How has your musical journey been?
I used to perform independently and it was at one such gig that Bipin Nakarmi, CEO of Arbitrary Group asked me to work with them. I really liked the idea and notion that drove the company, so I decided to sign up with them. It has been pretty much an exciting journey for me to be able to work with a bunch of very talented individuals. 

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?
I have been able to create music that not only the crowd but I too can enjoy listening to. It feels amazing to connect with people through music. 

You recently performed at your very first international gig in Australia, how was the experience?
I absolutely loved every moment of the tour. We performed at Sydney and Melbourne and both shows attracted a huge audience who thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 

What makes you stand out?
I have worked really hard to turn my dreams into reality and I am willing to work even harder and give my best every time. I also feel that the immense love, support and belief that I have received from my fans make me feel special.

What are your plans for 2018?
I plan to release my debut album in the coming year. I will also be working in various shows and will probably venture into the Nepali movie industry as well. 


The rising star

Even though Saruk Tamrakar has starred in just one movie, everyone is already eager to see more of his work. In the film Rani he was featured alongside established actors but Saruk didn’t fail to make his presence felt. In fact, he garnered a great round of applause from the audience.

What inspired you to become an actor?
My father is an established actor and has always wanted me to get into the industry. Initially I had no plans to act and preferred working behind the camera; I just wanted to focus on my photography. However I was always interested in the technical aspects of how a movie is made. Then one day, I did a short film called Happy New Year, where I discovered my knack for acing.

How has your journey as an actor been so far?

It has been just two years since I started acting and I have learned a great deal. In the first year I was training and also shot my first movie Rani. In the second year I am learning how the movie industry works here and what it takes to become a good actor.

What was your most memorable moment during the shooting of your movie Rani?

One very memorable moment was when I got to travel to Khaptad. It was always on my list of places that I wanted to visit.

What makes you stand out?

Even though I am an actor I have immense knowledge of movie making which I have gained from my parents and my mentors. When I am acting in movies, I don’t focus just on honing my acting skills but also try to learn and understand the whole process of movie making. And someday, if  I get the chance to work as an assistant director for a good project, I will happily grasp the opportunity.

What plans for 2018?

Hopefully I’ll be traveling a lot in Nepal and abroad. I also plan to make a short video, but I am waiting for a good script.



Power-packed performance!


The Vice Caption of the Nepal Cricket Team— Gyanendra Malla is one of the most sought after sportsmen. He became the seventh Nepali cricketer to score an international century and slammed 114 off 125 balls against Singapore during the 2014 ICC World Cricket League Division Three. He is the captain of Colors X-Factors of the Nepal Premier League. He also represents the APF Club that plays in the National League.

Tell us about your journey.

Initially it was quite a difficult journey. There was no professional set up in the sport; the government held camps and training sessions but that wasn’t enough. As cricket equipment was (and still are) quite expensive, we had to spend from our own pockets. At one point I even considered opting for a different profession due to financial constraints; it wasn’t enough to support my family. But now I am very happy with the path I have taken as the scene is slowly changing. 

What motivated you to become a cricketer?

It was the faith my family and friends had in me that motivated me to keep playing cricket. I never thought that one day I’d be playing for the national team, but I guess hard work and effort always pays off.

What do you consider your proudest moment?

Our biggest achievement as a team so far has been playing the T20 World Cup in 2014. When the national anthem was played before the match was probably the proudest moment in my life.

What makes you stand out?

The fact that I dedicated so much of my time and effort to become a better cricketer, with no intention of earning extra money or fame, but purely to make my country proud is what makes me stand out.

What can we look forward to from you in 2018?

2018 is a very crucial year for us as we are currently in Division I in the World Cricket League, whereas in February we have our Division II matches in Nambia. If we make it to the top two, we will be able to play for the World Cup qualifiers. And if not that, we are at least hoping to make it to the top six, as this will give us an ODI status.


Man of steel

At 21, Bramund Moktan (Tyson) has proved that age is just another number. Since 2015, he has won the Pump Fest and Lifting Competition three years in a row. Before turning to power lifting, he used to play tennis and took part in the U-9 category.

How did you get into fitness?

When I first went to the gym I had no intention of achieving a ripped body. I just started out to hone my skills as an athlete and to get better at sports (and also because everyone was going to the gym).

Being so young, you have won the Pump Fest and Lifting Competition three times in a row, how does that feel?

At the meet I am always the guy to watch out for even though I’m one of the youngest, so it makes me feel good. Powerlifting as a competitive sport is relatively new not just in Nepal but also in the world. In the first meet there were fewer people.  Now as it is getting more popular, there are more people participating and hence the completion has gotten tougher. However I still want to hold my position and win this competition each year.

How challenging is it to stay fit and strong? 

Many people tend to think athletes or people who go to the gym need to make a whole lot of sacrifices like they can’t go out or eat what they like. Personally I enjoy this way of life as it has become a part of who I am. I started playing tennis at a very young age, so there isn’t any extra effort I have to put into staying fit.

What makes you stand out?

I won’t look like the strongest guy in the room until you challenge me to lift some weights. The fact that I am one of the youngest people to participate in this field makes me stand out.

What plans do you have in store for 2018?

I have two different goals as an athlete and as a trainer. As an athlete I want to take part in international competitions because currently in Nepal I don’t have anyone to look up to; all the records that I’ll be aiming to break would be my own. So, I think taking part in international competition will help me learn a lot. Whereas, as a trainer, I want to inspire people rather than just instruct them. 


Making a difference

A recent graduate from the London School of Economics, Vedika Murarka has always been a very independent person and so it came as no surprise when she decided to pursue her Masters in entrepreneurial studies. Being a pragmatic person, all the decisions she arrives at are also from that perspective. Upon nearing completion, she had a plan in her mind and was hoping to bring a small but extremely necessary change in the education sector. Always wanting to make a social impact and help others, she used what she’d learned and applied that to the product she and her friends built and called the Educase and gave it the most befitting tagline, “making the case for education.” It is a small step but in the larger view it will make a big difference.

What is Educase?

We felt that in the countries that we come from, education is a basic right to children but due to shortage of resources schools aren’t even able to afford basic facilities like chairs and tables. It was due to lack of such basic facilities that children often lacked motivation, and hence dropped out from school early. So our product basically addresses this issue as it is a foldable, portable desk, which can also be used for carrying books and comes with a solar powered bulb attached to it. So it is a bag that turns into a desk or vice-versa, so they can use it at school as well as at home. 

What plans do you have in store for 2018?

We are currently at the pilot-testing phase where we are talking to various NGO’s based in Nepal and seeing what changes need to be made to our product. We have realized that we should address the needs of the children, as they are our targeted group. And upon making the required changes, we want to manufacture it in Nepal, as this is the where we plan to introduce it. So we plan to bring it in the market by 2018.

What makes you stand out?

Most start up’s these days focus on apps and technology, which at the end of the day have short life spans. However, I want to do something that has a social impact and also something that makes a long-term difference and I feel it is this that makes me stand out.  



Dynamic and vivacious

Samridhi tried her hands at modeling for the very first time through En Vogue Vol 5, House of Fashion. Through her hard work in the grooming sessions, the newbie was able to stand out from the rest of the thirty-eight girls and win the title of Face of House of Fashion 2017. The leggy lass is all set to take the modeling industry by storm.

What will you be bringing into the modeling industry of Nepal?
I will be bringing in a whole lot of freshness. I will be giving something new every time I do a project. I also want to prove that modeling is not just about posing or looking pretty, it has a bigger role to play. Models can create a serious impact amongst youngsters; they can in fact use their popularity to spread social awareness.

How has your life been after becoming the Face of House of Fashion?

My life has taken a more exciting turn after winning this competition. I have been doing a lot of exciting new modeling projects. I have also been meeting a lot of talented people in the industry; they have been really inspirational.

What makes you stand out?

I am a very hard working person and if I set my mind to achieve something I will give it my all to achieve it. I am also very passionate about what I do.

What are your plans for 2018?

For the coming year, I just want to focus on becoming a better model because I know I still have a lot to learn. Since I haven’t really worked as a model before, in the coming year I want to enhance my modeling skills.


The charmer!

Although Ashirwad A.B. might seem shy at first, he is a total hunk when it comes to posing in front of the camera. Before entering En vogue Vol 5, House of Fashion, he had done a ramp show, and was admired for his poise and good looks. Being the winner came to him as a surprise as there were twenty-six other strong contenders in the competition.

Who has been your inspiration?

My family, friends and mentors have been my inspiration. If it were not for them I would never have ventured into the glamour industry. I also believe that staying fit and healthy is a big part of life and that keeps me inspired and driven.

How has your life changed after becoming the Face of House of Fashion?

I have witnessed a lot of changes. Firstly, I have pushed myself to work harder and do better every time. I am also trying to implement what I have learnt at the competition in my upcoming projects. I hope someday I can change the scenario and raise the standards for male models in the country.

What makes you stand out?

My determination to work hard and do better is what makes me stand out. You shouldn’t be complacent in life with where you are and what you’re doing but should keep pushing yourself and do better at each step. The fact that I am happy and enjoy what I am doing also makes me stand out.

What are your plans for 2018?

If the opportunity for a movie comes around I would like to try my hand in that!



Driven to Succeed

After the demise of the visionary B.K. Shrestha, the owner and Managing Director of Radisson Hotel, Bidhata Shrestha has assumed the mantle of management to continue her father’s legacy. At a very young age, she has shouldered an enormous responsibility to manage one of the biggest hotels in the country.

One minute with Bidhata
What motivates you and who inspires you?

I am often inspired by the maxim— “We are only limited by the extent of our imagination.” While taking a step forward if I face any hindrances, I remember this maxim and empower myself to achieve more as well as achieve better. My father has been my biggest inspiration and also a phenomenal guide to me. He was dedicated to his work throughout his life and I too hope to match up to him someday. The years that I spent working with him taught me a lot about patience, strategies and how to dedicate yourself to what you believe in.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

The hotel industry is a people oriented business, thus every day is a challenge. The hotel has 260 rooms, a big franchise body and banks as partners who help in reaching economic and financial decisions. I have employees who are much older than me, clients who need to sleep well and eat well to be satisfied. Therefore, the biggest challenge is that I have the responsibility to keep so many dependents happy and I am pleased to do so.

What makes you stand out?

My strong mind-set is what makes me stand out. We are facing constant change in our lives and have to deal with unexpected developments and being able to give meaning to these different experiences is what life is all about.

How are you planning on taking Radisson Hotel forward in 2018?

For any business to do well you need to work continuously to make it better. This is Radisson Hotel and whichever Radisson you may choose to stay in, one of the most important aspects is consistency. For that our main focus now is to build teams that work within a culture of performance, quality and innovation. There is no room to relax or be complacent and it is critical for us to be the best in delivering our services. And as the hospitality industry in Nepal is one rife with competition with an enormous number of hotels coming up, we are driven by a combination of having world-class assets in unique, unparalleled locations that are managed by some of the best talents in the market. We plan to continue to grow by expanding into new markets, creating new partnerships and diversifying our offering as we identify commercial opportunities in the market.