Personalize Your Car

A car needs to show your personality. Yes, every car may not do that but you can customize it to show who you are. Here are some tips on how you can do just that. A word of advice, don’t go overboard and overdo with customization; keep it simple and the traffic cop won’t even recognize the changes.


We all love music and turn the bass up when we go for a drive but the stock speakers that we get with our car may not be good enough and may not fulfill our needs. Select the best stereo system and get recommendations from the car stereo expert. Go for quality of the speakers rather than volume. Changing up or tuning up your speakers can be easily hidden but remember not to crank up the volume while driving, it is for your own safety.

Aftermarket Steering Wheel

People usually don’t get bored with the steering wheel that they have in their car. But sometimes when you are a race car addict, it is something that you would want to change just for the sake of change. Changing a steering wheel isn’t difficult and you can get a racing style aftermarket steering wheel quite easily in the market. One thing that these steering wheels won’t be providing that your normal ones will is the air bag system. So even if you are a racing fanatic and want to install a new steering wheel, remember you have the responsibility of ensuring your own safety and that of your passengers.

Performance Exhaust

When we think of installing an aftermarket exhaust in our car or a motorcycle, we usually go for an exhaust that creates a louder sound which is totally insane. An exhaust should be installed to improve the performance of a vehicle rather than disturbing others and making you look like a douche-bag. Go for a performance exhaust that does enhance the whole appearance of your vehicle, has a decent sound and above all, improves the performance of your vehicle.

Sporty Pedals

You may think that replacing sporty pedals with that of stock ones may be a waste of money but that’s not true. Yes, pedals are hidden by our foot, but it is something you can show off too. They are also something that won’t be noticed if you are worried about getting caught at a police inspection. But the main reason why people should go for sporty pedals besides creating a spark in your car is to have better control of your car. These sporty pedals provide better grip than stock pedals and there is no doubt it will make your ride smooth.

Suspension Tuning

If you are looking for a slight change in personality of your car according to your suitability, try tuning the suspensions. You can adjust the suspensions and adjust the car to your height or preference. It is a great way to take precautions against damages that might occur due to the prevailing road conditions in Nepal. If you want to go a bit overboard with suspension tuning, you can also modify them; like turning a hatchback into a rally car or a sedan/cruiser into a track rat.

Aftermarket Wheels/Tires

There’s no doubt that wheels and tires are eye catchers no matter what the vehicle. But sometimes the stock wheels and tires might wear out or you might want a change. That’s when people go for the aftermarket products. Don’t go for wheels and tires that are heavy and can lower the performance of your vehicle. Going for aftermarket wheels and tires is usually for improving the performance of the vehicle by reducing unnecessary weight, provide better grip on rainy days and improving the handling of the vehicle.

Aftermarket Seat/Interior

Changing your seats or decorating the interior of the car may be an expensive way to personalize your car. However it does add that wow factor that everyone strives for. Instead of the normal stock seats, one can go for the racing style seat available in the aftermarket. Or go to the seat makers to get a seat that meets to your requirements. Most international celebrities go for personalizing their car by changing the interior and seats. But do remember to go for griped textures because you don’t want to be sliding around and making yourself uncomfortable while driving.

Gear Shift Knobs

Like the pedals, the gear shift knob is the nominal personalization that one can do in their car and is an easily noticeable customization. A gear shift knob is like a pretty accessory we use to make us look fancy and add a bit of zing when we dress up, but for cars. You cannot go wrong with gear shift knobs no matter how hilarious or unique a gear shift knob you choose. If you are worried about cops penalizing you for this customization, they won’t.

Custom Painting or Pinstriping

If you want your vehicle to really create a buzz but also flaunt your personality, custom painting or pinstriping your car is the best way to personalize your car. Yes there are certain formalities that you need to complete in the Department of Transport Management for this. Here in Nepal the procedure is easy and cheap. Although the real process of painting and pinstriping might be time consuming and costly, if you want to show your personality through your vehicle, then go for it.


If you are too lazy to personalize your car yourself and want someone to do it for you, try coachbuilding. Coachbuilders are trained professionals who customize or modify cars. They note down what the owner wants and completely remodel the vehicle accordingly. Going for coachbuilding means getting an entirely new custom made car, like getting designer wear. Coachbuilding is expensive and there are not many places here in Nepal, but that will not stop you if you really want your car to be pimped and show-off whenever you hit the road.