Poker Run is an event that happens annually, every ‘Nepali New Year’, since 2009. The event goes on for two nights, at Pokhara. Initially, they had thought about changing the location every year, but they decided to stick to Pokhara. As Mr. Rabi Thapa says, “Pokhara is a beautiful place, where you can do anything you please.” Moving on to how the ‘Poker Run’ actually works; the point of the game is to have the highest poker hands after collecting a card at every stop. The ‘Poker Run’ is not a race, there are five stops in total, during which the bikers rest, talk, drink, pick a card, and move on to their next stop. At every stop, there are prizes that are won through a lucky draw.
In their first poker ride, they had 22 participants. After the third year, they crossed the 100 mark, and the number of participants kept increasing after that. In 2015, they had the highest number of people, where 400 riders took part. Mr. Thapa has seen a lot of changes over the years, such as the number of bike clubs; when ‘Poker Run’ first started, there were only two bike clubs, now there are 53 clubs, and more. People from all over the world come to be a part of the ‘Poker Run’, to join the growing brotherhood.
The event serves more than just one purpose, it enables a bunch of bikers to get together and have fun, and it raises money dedicated to a social cause. They raise the money in order to buy sports equipment for some deserving schools, so that the children can have a well-rounded education, and get well acquainted with knowing how to balance studies and sports. ‘Poker Run’ believes that, “education is the way to move forward.”