With the coming of the festive season, redecoration is underway. For those looking to revamp their puja space, here are some tips from the ingenious interior designer, Tejta Vaidya Amatya of Conception Interiors.

"The placement of the puja space is preferably located at the north east area of the building as required by Vastu practices since there is positive energy vibes there. They can also be positioned near the entrance so that one is engulfed in positive vibes when entering or exiting the building,” says Amatya.

Prayers are supposed to be done facing east. The second option is to face north. Previously, puja was done sitting on floor but now, ergonomically, we can have idols / photos / images placed at table top height and prayers can be done sitting on a chair. This helps people with knee and back related problems. The furniture arrangements should be comfortable, with cabinets and shelves to store puja items as required.

“The room should have ample light. Preferably it should be natural light but artificial light works just as well.  The space should also be well ventilated- if incense sticks or diya are to be lighted inside. Good exhaust fans will do the job quite well. This is a necessity for all but it is especially helpful for people with asthma or other respiratory problems,” he suggests.

The color of the space is not recommended to be vibrant and loud but soothing and subdued, like white, ivory, beige, or hues of magnolia, preferably a warm color. “We can also have a sink with tap and drainage, access of water within enhances practicality and comfort. The flooring of the space can be tiles or wood floor, something that is easy to clean. Carpets are not recommended as it traps dirt and grease. It is also not advisable to have restrooms just above the puja space.

Since the main motive of prayer space is to accentuate positive vibes, all elements should work towards that," concludes Amatya.